Original title From Nowhere
English title From Nowhere
Director Matthew Newton0

The Australian director was born in Melbourne, in 1977.
Other films / Filmography 2008: Three Blind Mice
2004: Right Here Right Now
Country of production USA
Producer Matthew Newton,
Kate Ballen
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Matthew Newton,
Kate Ballen
Cinematographer Jay Keitel
Film editor Betsy Kagen
Running time 89 min
Distributor Visit Films
Cast Julianne Nicholson,
J. Mallory McCree,
Octavia Chavez-Richmond,
Raquel Castro
Synopsis Three undocumented Bronx teenagers are graduating from high school while navigating the treacherous waters trying to get their papers to stay in the US.
Premier 09.13. 21:00 Pressburger
Repetition 09.14. 17:00 Uránia

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