Original title Efter Skolan
English title After School
Director Gisela Nadasy

The Swedish director was born in 1971, in Uppsala.
Other films / Filmography Hello, Goodbye (EttAvsked) 2012
The Kiss (EnKyss) 2017
Country of production Sweden
Producer Gisela Nadasy
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Gisela Nadasy
Cinematographer Magnus Peterson
Film editor Karl Peterson
Running time 13 min 24 sec
Distributor Gisela Nadasy
Cast Angelika Roberts,
Alexandra Chalupa,
Francisco Sobrado
Henrik Norman
Synopsis Two couples meet at their children's school one night to plan a class outing. But things take an unexpected turn when they end up playing “spin the bottle” instead and become kids themselves.
Premier 09.13. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.14. 21:00 Béke
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