Original title Bier & Calippo
English title Beer & Calippo
Director Paul Ploberger

The Austrian director was born in Pasching, in 1986.
Other films / Filmography EISPRUNG MIT PAPA (2013, 8min)
ABGEBRANNT (2013, 6min)
ICH HAB AUCH MIT SONJA (2012, 20min)
Country of production Austria
Producer Catrin Freundlinger
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Paul Ploberger
Cinematographer Patrick Wally
Film editor Barbara Seidler
Running time 27 min 19 sec
Distributor Catrin Freundlinger
Cast Maresi Riegner (as Jojo)
Roland Düringer (as dad)
Xaver Stockinger (as „Schnitzel” aka boyfriend)
Synopsis Summer, an old camper and the feeling of freedom. Jojo wants to join her boyfriend Toni on a tour and her father promised to let her. Everything seems perfect. But unfortunately Jojo is pregnant, her father finds out and Toni has a crush on the drummer girl.
Premier 09.11. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.12. 21:00 Zukor
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