Original title CLOSE RELATIONS
Director Anna Simakova

The Russian director was born in Kemerovo, in 1982.
Other films / Filmography Wanderers (2016, short film/kisjátékfilm)
He Is My Father (2015, documentary/dokumentumfilm)

I Want Shoes (2014)
Country of production Russia
Producer Anna Simakova
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Anna Simakova,
Yuliya Solovyova
Cinematographer Alexey Petrushkevich
Film editor Anna Krutiy
Running time 29 min 47 sec
Distributor Anna Simakova
Cast Igor Hripunov,
Olga Litvinova,
Vladimir Seleznyov
Synopsis A couple’s relationship is in crisis. The husband cannot let his mother go and the wife cannot have her in their life. Everyone has to make a difficult choice in order to stay together. Egy pár házassága válságban van.
Premier 09.12. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.13. 21:00 Zukor
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