Original title HILETA
English title Funeral
Director Kepa Sojo

The Spanish director was born in Llodio, in 1968.
Other films / Filmography Cien maneras de hacer pollo al txilindron (1997)
Looking for Chencho (2002) Cuando puedas (2003)
El síndrome de Svensson (2006) Loco con ballesta (2013)
Country of production Spain
Producer Sonia Pacios
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Kepa Sojo
Cinematographer Gorka Gomez Andreu
Film editor Josu Trocaola
Running time 19 min 50 sec
Distributor Kimuak
Cast Kandido Uranga,
Itziar Atienza,
Mikel Losada,
Martxelo Rubio,
Jose Kruz Gurrutxaga
Synopsis In a small Basque village in 1925, a wake is being held for Inge, who has died suddenly. Visited by all the major figures of the village, Martín, the patriarch of the family, is concerned only by the absence of his middle son Joanes, gone insane after studying theology.
Premier 09.12. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.13. 21:00 Zukor
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