Original title CAMINAN
English title On the Path
Director Mikel Rueda

The Spanish director was born in Bilbao, in 1980.
Other films / Filmography Cuando corres (2010)
Izarren argia (2010)
Agua (2012)
A escondidas (2014)

Fifth Floor (2016)
Country of production Spain Spanyolország
Producer Mikel Rueda
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Mikel Rueda
Cinematographer Kenneth Oribe
Film editor Alex Argoitia
Running time 14 min 20 sec
Distributor Kimuak
Cast Maribel Verdú,
Germán Alcarazu
Synopsis A road in the middle of nowhere. A car. A bicycle. Two solitary figures searching for the same thing. They meet. Egy út a semmi közepén. Egy autó. Egy bicikli. Két magányos figura, akik ugyanazt keresik. Találkoznak.
Premier 09.11. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.12. 21:00 Zukor
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