Original title SO THAT MOM IS HAPPY
English title SO THAT MOM IS HAPPY
Director Asya Mozhegova

The Russian director was born in 1985, in Novosibirsk.
Other films / Filmography So that mom is happy (2017, short film \ debut)
Conclusions (2014)
Country of production Russia
Producer Dmitry Lunev
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Asya Mozhegova
Cinematographer Anatoliy Trofimov
Film editor Mikhail Shipilov
Running time 12 min 34 sec
Distributor Dmitry Lunev
Cast Elena Svanidze,
Ivan Koldare
Synopsis The young woman gets the last chance to please her mom. She just has not to spoil her funeral.
Premier 09.12. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.13. 21:00 Zukor
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