Original title Inégalité des chances
English title Unnatural selection
Director Geneviève Delouche

The French director was born in 1983.
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Country of production France
Producer Alban Ravassard
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Geneviève Delouche
Alban Ravassard
Cinematographer Raul Fernandez
Film editor Geneviève Delouche
Alban Ravassard
Running time 15 min
Distributor Film’Arts Production
Cast Pamela Ravassard
Salim Fontaine
Aymeric Cormerais
Garlan Le Martelot
Synopsis Julie, gets harassed in the street by Karim. Arrived at her work, Julie discovers that the candidate with whom she must hold a job interview is none other than Karim. Determined to teach him a lesson, she will show him what unnatural selection is...
Premier 09.11. 19:00 Uránia
Repetition 09.12. 21:00 Zukor
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