Original title Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer
English title Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer
Director Joseph Cedar

The American director was born in New York, in 1968.
Other films / Filmography 2011. Footnote (Hear at Shulayim)
2010. Sharon Amrani: Remember His Name (Documentary)

2007. Beaufort
Country of production USA / Israel
Producer Miranda Bailey,
Lawrence Inglee,
David Mandil,
Oren Moverman,
Eyal Rimmon,
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Joseph Cedar
Cinematographer Yaron Scharf
Film editor Brian A. Kates
Running time 118 min
Distributor Sony Pictures Classics
Cast Richard Gere,
Lior Ashkenazi,
Hank Azaria,
Steve Buscemi,
Charlotte Gainsbourg,
Synopsis Norman is a seasoned "macher": a man who knows the right people and gets things done. Like a gambler or a thief, Norman' s position is more vocation than profession, a confidence game requiring luck and a kind of societal sleight of hand. When an Israeli dignitary, Eshel, visits New York, Norman decides to make an impression by buying him some extremely expensive shoes. A gold-star connection is made, but three years later Eshel winds up becoming Israel's prime minister and is suddenly hugely inaccessible. Norman's circle begins asking him to write cheques he can no longer cash — and the fall out could destroy the reputation Norman has spent his life building…
Premier 09.08. 23:30 Pressburger
Repetition 09.10. 23:00 Uránia
09.12. 20:00 Béke
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