Original title Bajo la Rosa
English title Under the Rose
Director Josué Ramos

The Spanish director was born in 1980, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Other films / Filmography 2014 – Solo los ojos (Short film) 
2012 – Precipitaciones (Short film) 

2011 – Anima (Short film) 

2010 – New Order (Short film) 
2009 – El Corazón de Anita (Short film)
Country of production Spain
Producer Josué Ramos
Year of production 2017.
Screenwriter Josué Ramos
Cinematographer Josué Ramos
Film editor Josué Ramos
Running time 99 min
Distributor JosuéRamos
Cast Ramiro Blas,
Pedro Casablanc,
Elisabet Gelabert,
Zack Gómez
Synopsis Sara, Oliver and Julia's daughter suddenly disappears. Days pass by without any news about the girl. But one morning, the family receives a letter from someone who claims to have retained Sara and wants to talk with them that night. Sara.
Premier 09.16. 22:00 Pressburger
Repetition 09.17. 19:00 Uránia
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