Behind the Column

Original title Hetedik alabárdos
English title Behind the Column
Director Vékes Csaba

The Hungarian director was born in Budapest, in 1983.
Other films / Filmography 2015 Hangulat – változás (kisjátékfilm)
2014 Á(l)lomás (kisjátékfilm)
2012 Kávéfőző (kisjátékfilm)
Country of production Hungary
Producer Herendi Gábor,
Fancsikai Eszter,
Fancsikai Péter,
Szentesi Zsolt,
Vékes Csaba
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Vékes Csaba
Cinematographer Bálint Dániel
Film editor Gotthárdi Balázs
Running time 87 min
Distributor Skyfilm
Cast Bánki Gergely,
Bezerédi Zoltán,
Sárközi-Nagy Ilona,
Nagy Ervin,
Mohai Tamás,
Ujlaki Dénes
Synopsis The film is about a career of a neglected actor who turns from being the walk-on man forever to the leading stage director of a theatre. From now on he has to fight not only for his own dreams but also for his crew. The satire takes place in the theatre-world of today and, due to the very nature of theatre, it thrives in surrealistic motifs. The first film shot in the framework of the Incubator program.
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