Original title کوپال
English title KUPAL
Director Kazem Mollaie

The Iranian director was born in 1981.
Other films / Filmography 2011 Delete (Short Film)
2009 Minus (Short Film)
2008 Please stay away from the red line (Short Film)
2005 Carmen Funebre (Documentary)
2003 Akbar,For God Sake, don't die before me! (Short Film)
Country of production Iran Irán
Producer Kazem Mollaie
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Kazem Mollaie
Cinematographer Majid Gorjian
Film editor Emad Khodabakhsh,
Kazem Mollaie
Running time 81 min
Distributor Kazem Mollaie
Cast Levon Haftvan,
Nazanin Farahani,
Pouria Rahimi Sam,
Sharon (Starring as Haiku)
Synopsis Dr. Ahmad Kupal is a 50-year-old hunter and a taxidermist. Recently, his wife Firoozeh has left him because of his job. Firoozeh will come back only on one condition, that Kupal sends Kupal’s beloved dog and the rest of the taxidermied animals out of the house. Moments before the New Year, Kupal and his dog get trapped in the big taxidermy workshop in the basement of the house. He tries to battle thirst and hunger in his own special way to survive.
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