Original title Purgatoryo
English title Purgatoryo
Director Derick Cabrido

The director was born in The Philippines in 1984.
Other films / Filmography 2016 Tuos
2014 Children's Show
Country of production The Philippines
Producer Purple Pig Inc.,
Waning Crescent Arts Inc.
Year of production 2016
Screenwriter Denise O'Hara,
Joseph Israel Laban
Cinematographer Mycko David,
Cesca Lee
Film editor Cyril Bautista
Running time 85 min
Distributor Reel Suspects
Cast Bernardo Bernardo,
Kristoffer King,
Jess Mendoza,
Arnold Reyes
Synopsis "Purgatoryo" tells the story of Ilyong, a recently-dead man, killed by the police. Soon after, he is brought into a sleazy funeral home, run by Violet, a greedy homosexual who has learned to survive by renting out the dead bodies in his funeral home to Simon. Along for the ride is Jojo, a police officer who is under the payroll of Simon and who supplies the dead bodies for Violet. Violet has two workers, On-on and Dyograd, who clean the cadavers and prepare them for the wake. On-on, for all his good looks, no longer feels alive except when he is gambling. Dyograd, on the other hand, only feels alive when he is having sex. Shortly after the arrival of Ilyong, misfortune and mayhem ensue.

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