Original title The Nothing Factory
English title The Nothing Factory
Director Pedro Pinho

The Portugese director was born in Lisboa, in 1977.
Other films / Filmography 2017 A Fábrica de Nada,
2014 As Cidades e as Trocas (Documentary),
2013 Um fim do mundo,
2008 Bab Sebta (Documentary)
Country of production Portugal
Producer João Matos,
Susana Nobre,
Leonor Noivo,
Luisa Homem,
Tiago Hespanha,
Pedro Pinho,
João Gusmao,
Joana Bravo
Year of production 2017
Screenwriter Pedro Pinho,
Leonor Noivo,
Luisa Homem,
from an original idea by Jorge Silva Melo, based on a play by Judith Herzberg
Cinematographer Vasco Viana,
Vasco Saltão,
João Vagos,
Andreia Bertini
Film editor Claudia Oliveira,
Edgar Feldman,
Luísa Homem
Running time 177 min
Distributor Memento Films International
Cast José Smith Vargas,
Carla Galvão,
Njamy Sebastião,
J. Bichana Martins,
Daniele Incalcaterra,
Hermínio Amaro
Synopsis One night, a group of workers realizes that their administration has organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff. Most of them refuse to cooperate during the individual negotiations and they start to occupy their workplace. So when the administration vanishes to their great surprise, they’re left with a half-empty factory...As the world around them collapses, new desires start to emerge.
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