"It gives me the creeps, and I have an impression that somebody is speaking through Kieslowski" , said Robert de Niro in 1989. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s films have had huge impacts all over the world, and right at the time of the Central European regime changes. Signs and Memories, the joint exhibition of the Łódz Film Museum and CineClassics, is going to be held in the House of Arts, Miskolc (Rákóczi u. 5.) and it is going to demonstrate the director’s life, career and films. The inaugural will be held by Krzysztof Wierzbicki, Kieslowski’s assistant director (who is going to be the member of CineFest’s international jury this year). The exhibition will be opened at 5 p.m., 18th September.

When starting his careeer, Kieslowski cut a dash first with his documentaries.. Such films made him later famous as Camera Buff (Amator), No End (Bez konca) and Blind Chance (Przypadek) shot in 1981 but first showed only in 1987. He shot Ten Commandments (Dekalog) in 1988-89. Together with his fellow screenwriter, Krzysztof Piesiewicz, they aimed at giving an evidence of our era by interpreting the doctrines of the Bible in a modern way. Their venture had great successes and started the director’s international career. The two episodes, A Short Film About Love (Króki film o milosci; i.e. “Don’t commit adultery” episode) and A Short Film About Killing (Króki film o zabijanin; i.e. “Don’t murder“ episode) had particularly great echo: the later was awarded by the jury in Cannes and became the Best European Film of the year.

After that, Kieslowski shot La double vie de Véronique the cinematographer of which was Sławomir Idzak, who received the CineFest’s lifetime achievement award in 2009. Then came the Three Colors trilogy which was awarded Golden Lion in Venice, and which got not only Césars but also Oscar nominations, the awards of New York and Los Angeles film critics and the Silver Bear in Berlin. He died at the age of 54. His screenplays were brought to effect by such directors as Tom Tykwer and Danis Tanovic.

Free entry during the festival.

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