The 8th edition of Miskolc International Film Festival opens with the screening of The Help. Such names are among the stars as Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis and Emma Stone, and the story is set in the 1960s’ US, at the very beginning of the civil rights movement of black people.

 Skeeter (Emma Stine) returns from college and tries to earn money as a journalist. She decides to write a book on servants working for the rich families in the South, but from the servants’ point of view. After many attempts made for persuading her, Aibileen (Viola Davis), Skeeter’s best friend’s housekeeper becomes the first who breaks the silence and talks about the fears of black people, a very isolated community in the eyes of the outsiders. Even though Skeeter is risking her lifelong friendships, she is going into a research with Aibileen due to which they meet more and more women who are willing to tell their stories. It soon turns out that they have much more to share with others than what was expected.

 The Help is one of last years’ most popular books, a The New York Times bestseller, and it has been published in Hungary, too. It is a provocative and inspiring novel about what happens when three brave women break the unwritten laws of a Southern small city. The Hungarian premiere of The Help is going to be on 17th September at Jameson CineFest. It will be on in the Hungarian cinemas from 3rd November.

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