Emeric Pressburger Prize
Class Enemy
Director: Rok BICEK

The award goes to Rok Bicek for his movie: Class Enemy. The first film which shows an astonishingly homogenous quality of screenwriting, directing, acting and focuses on an important contemporary problem that deals with our everyday life around parents, children and teachers.

This film tells us that we all live in one world with universal language and how difficult it is to understand each other.

Adolph Zukor Adolf Prize
VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan/For Some Inexplicable Reason
Director: REISZ Gábor

The award goes to For Some Inexplicable Reason by Gábor Reisz. The jury gave this award to a film which expresses an authentic freshness of cinematographic language. And, to encourage new directors using the magic of cinema to turn the life difficulties of young people into a colorful comedy without making fun of anybody.

Attila Dargay Prize
My Milk Cup Cow
Director:  Yantong ZHU

The award was given to Yantong ZHU for her animation My Milk Cup Cow which tells the touching story of a father-daughter relationship in a poetic way. The technique for the story was very well chosen. The viewer can relate to the fantasies and memories of a girl remembering her childhood with her father.

Best Documentary
Dr. Lala
Director:  HALÁSZ Glória

 The Jury decided to give the Main Prize for Best Documentary Film to Halász Gloria for her work Dr. Lala. In a direct cinema approach the film shows the work of a clown doctor who tries to make children forget their sickness for a little while and encourage them to overcome it. The powerful film teaches us a positive attitude towards life even in hard conditions.

Best Short Feature
Birthday Present

The Jury gives the Award for Best Short and Experimental Films to Birthday Present by Guy Lichtenstein. Through an affair of an Israeli man and an Austrian woman the director shows us in a sensitive way the different approaches towards life of the two characters and the cultural differences that are hard to overcome. Also the films manages to show in great detail the different aspects of the City of Jerusalem.

Audience Award
Parador Húngaro
Director: Patrick ALEXANDER, Aseneth Suarez RUIZ

Award of the International Ecumenical Jury
Director: Céline SCIAMMA

The Ecumenical Jury, with members from the SIGNIS and Interfilm, decided to give the prize to the film BANDE DE FILLES (GIRLHOOD) because it shows a strong young woman staying hopeful in an otherwise hopeless situation. Even though her circumstances, such as poverty and living in a violent environment, force her to make poor decisions, she remains true to herself and never loses the sense of what is right and what is wrong. She overcomes her personal struggles to find her place in life. This film also shows the problems of many minorities around the world and supports the process of liberation.

Director: Xavier DOLAN

The members of the FIPRESCI jury (Judit Anna Molnar, Hungary, Andrzej Fogler, Poland and Pierre-Yves Roger, France) decided univocally that the award for the best full-length  feature goes to "Mommy", by Xavier Dolan (Canada), for a very strong message telling that everybody should be prepared to face the difficulties in their life and try to cope with them. This message is made so strong thanks to a perfect filmmaking, including magnificent acting.

FICC Award
Class Enemy
Director: Rok BICEK

The jury of the International Federation of Film Societies awarded the Don Quijote prize to Class Enemy for its powerful depiction of conflict between two generations, use of didactic sound and superb camera work, as well as show the established system works to win at all costs.

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