The winners of the 13th Jameson CineFest International Film Festival:


Emeric Pressburger Prize

From Nowhere , Directed by: Matthew NEWTON

From the laudation:

“The portray of young, undocumented people in the Bronx who try to find their place in the American Dream, told very sensitively and very well acted and directed"”


Adolf Zukor Prize

Land of Mine , Directed by: Martin ZANDVLIET

From the laudation:


"Un untold story of how the oppressed turned into oppressors, after WWII in Denmark. The film is great acted by an ensemble of young actors as well as seasoned ones. It’s a very strong film that leaves the viewer with questions on humanity."


Best Short Feature

Hold On ,  Directed by: Charlotte SCOTT-WILSON

From the laudation:

 „Minimalist but very strong pictures creating empathy and tension at the same time. Characteristic acting telling us a story of endurance and longevity.”


Attila Dargay Prize

Eye for an Eye , Directed by: Steve BACHE, Mahyar GOUDARZI, Louise PETER

From the laudation:

„A murder told form the murder’s point of view: dramatic but minimalist documentary-like pictures about the possibility of moral renewal in the blood of the innocents.”


CineNewWave Prize

Deliver Us ,  Directed by: HARTUNG Attila

From the laudation:

„For the artistic value of the pictures, the great acting and the suggestive application of film tools and for the presentation of the socialist past.”


Special Prize of the CineNewWave program, for the “Best Atmosphere”

Balcony , Directed by: DELL’EDERA Dávid

From the laudation:

„An artful animation about the man searching for an exit from the manipulative everyday existence.”



That Trip We Took With Dad , Directed by: Anca Miruna LĂZĂRESCU

From the laudation:

“Out of all the films, That Trip We Took With Dad showed the most authenticity to the story, and also from a visual and dramatic perspective. It emerged above all especially because of the cultural and historic relevance to the modern audience.”



Land of Mine , Directed by: Martin ZANDVLIET

From the laudation:

„On the surface, Martin Zandvliet’s Land of Mine looks like a classical World War II movie, but it’s much more interesting than that. Let’s begin with the fact, that it’s story takes place after finishing the war, and it shows us a not well known part of European history. It has the bravery to tell that not all the German soldiers were bad guys, but lots of them were victims of the era, and to be the winner of the war doesn’t mean being a good guy too.” 


Prize of the International Ecumenical Jury

Land of Mine , Directed by: Martin ZANDVLIET

From the laudation:

„The film pictures the dehumanization of war, yet develops into a story of reconciliation and restorative justice. As Land of Mine is evolving from hate through sensibility towards compassion, it is an inspiring story even for today.”


Lifetime Achievement Award

Károly Makk


One of the most prominent figures of Hungarian cinema. His long career can only described in superlatives: he made – as his first film – one of the best Hungarian comedies, the Lily Boy and some of the best dramas as well. Think about the pictures of The House Under the Rocks,The Obsessed Ones, Lost Paradise, Love, A Very Moral Night or Another Way and dozens of destines and stories come alive, events of the Hungarian past and present, of real personal histories made unforgettable by actors and actresses like Iván Darvas, Marianne Krencsey, Mari Törőcsik, György Pálos, Irén Psota, Ferenc Bessenyei, Margit Makay, or György Cserhalmi.


Audience Award

It's not the time of my life, Directed by: Szabolcs HAJDU

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