Cinefest 2017

The Festival brings the freshest and most outstanding film selection to Miskolc again: feature films, shorts, documentaries and animations that are Hungarian premieres – as always.

In the feature competition program we have selected films that we believe show all the happenings of the cinematic world of the year. Unconventional pieces like Bruno Dumont’s Jeannette, a musical on Jeanne d’Arc’s childhood that is the quasi-unmake of the genre, or Loving Vincent, a British-Polish coproduction that is unique and remarkable because it is the world’s first fully painted feature film. After the Mediterranea, Jonas Caprignano is back to the CineFest with his second feature, A Ciámbra, a true coming of age story as it has never been showed before and also spin-off since one of the supporting characters from the director’s first feature has been given a film of his own now.

The worst and most cruel mother of the world is brought to us by the Mexican thriller-drama April’s daughter, which is absolutely eerie up to the last frame. A unique love between two men is pictured in the Scottish movie God’s Own Country and we also have the world’s newest sweetheart, Columbus, a poetic tale of emotions conquering against all odds in the program.

Talking about stars, the action-madness of the Safdie brothers Good Time starring Robert Pattinson will only be shown in the big screen at the CineFest before premiering on Netflix. Francesca Eastwood delivers the best performance of her career in Natala Leite’s M.F.A., raising several hard questions on moral and ethics. Dakota Fanning shows why she is considered an actress of great expectations in the Brimstone that is really not for the faint hearted. Mark Hamill plays a surprising character in Brigsby Bear, a lovable tale from the crossroad of past and future.

A Hungarian movie A hetedik alabárdos, directed by Csaba Vétkes has also made into the competition program. It is the first film that has been shot in the framework of the Incubator program run by the Hungarian National Film Fund. The first Russian feature film in the CineFest, Arrhythmia, features a drunkard paramedic who wants to save himself and his marriage in this twisted world of ours.

In the Open Eye selection we show films that have already proven themselves in the international world of cinema events. The Swedish director’s, Ruben Öslund’s movie The Square is full of hilarious jokes and won the Golden Palm in Cannes. The closing film of the Festival is Stephen Frears’ Victoria and Abdul, premiering in Hungary at the CineFest. The director who has a history with the lives of Queens turns to the special relationship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant, Abdul, aka the Munshi. The Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer is a sweet tale of honesty, friendship, manipulation and politics. A real rarity among movies intended for an adult audience but lacking sex and shocking violence. We only get Richard Gere who reminds us of Woody Allen this time. The Sense of an Ending is also screened in the Open Eye selection. The adaptation of Julian Barnes novel features Jim Broadbent in an excellent role. Suicide, forbidden love, intricate emotions – a remarkable movie. Siberian Love is a truly unique documentary on the fact that in this part of Russia the aim and epiphany of a woman’s life is still having a family and children. But somehow this movie does not make us outrageous of it.

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