Awarded of the 14th Jameson CineFest

Emeric Pressburger Prize

Western, Director: Valeska GRISEBACH

Western is intense in a very organic way. This Post-western is mixing documentary and fiction style in a consequent and mature manner. A really complex and deep carachter, played by the amazing Meinhard Neumann, a loner trying to join a small and peaceful society and break through the wall of East and West, made surprisingly sensitive choices which touched us deeply. The director, Valesca Grisebach touches on the important and relevant issue of searching for a home and the difficulty of communication between two colliding cultures with sensitivity and some attitude towards the genre.

Adolph Zukor Prize

The Nothing Factory, Director : Pedro PINHO

Even though Zero factory is a little too long, the main conflict in the story is important and relevant throughout the world. The film looked at the ancient and never ending rivalry between employees and employers from new angles. The plot of the film was presented in a fresh visual way. Even though it's a serious subject it was full of surprises and humor. We were all touched by the honest and natural acting, we felt it was really authentic.

Best short film

The Transfer, Director: Michael GRUDSKY

The competition program was full of unique films being sensitive of social issues but this short feature was the one that, both in length and authenticity, was able to give a summary of recent topics and transfer them to the audience regardless of the time and place.


Attila Dargay Prize – The young talent of Hungarian animation

Jurik Kristóf

An outstanding, very promising talent. Besides his previous works the jury has also taken into account that he is ready to play an active role in productions intended for children - just like Attila Dargay did.

CineNewWave Prize

Welcome, Director: DUDÁS Balázs

After several long talks the jury was unified in its decision: it was important to us to choose a professional film not only in its technical features but also in being authentic in its storytelling focusing on recent issues. The most outstanding features of this film are the casting and the acting. The jury thinks that this film is not only the best of the Hungarian block but also the best of the Festival.

CineNewWave special prize „For the most outstanding pictures”

Earthly People, Director: FREUND Ádám

International Confederation of Art Cinemas Jury’s Prize

A Ciámbra, Director: Jonas CARPIGNANO

The CICAE-Jury decided to chose a cinematic piece of art that approaches a topic that happens nowadays. We chose the film A Ciámbra by the director Jonas Carpignano, which is filmed from the perspective of a boy who lives with his Romani family in a community in Calabria. He's searching his position in familiy and also in life. This is a story about people who need to be seen. The movie doesn't show who is bad or good in our society, it shows that human beings are human beings wich have to grow up, feel fear, have to handle prejudices, show mistakes and need to solve problems. And that it matters where you come from but even if it sounds depressing it is a movie that gives hope. We believe that our future is the hands of our children. Human rights are not only words, we have to live them.

FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury Prize

Columbus, Director : KOGONADA

Kogonada's slow-paced film shows how architecture in cinema can resonate with the characters and reflect their feelings. _Columbus_ blossoms gently with its static shots seemingly modest but highly stylized in each single frame.

International Ecumenical Jury Pirze

Arrhythmia, Director : Boris KHLEBNIKOV

Oleg and Katya are a young couple dedicated to their work as emergency medics but he drinks too much and she is disappointed by their relationship. As in arrythmia, the couple is in crisis and love at the same time. With the use of fiction and documentary, the film asks, in ordinary situations, questions about the value of life and human dignity under financial pressure. It shows with humour and sensibility that it is always worth to fight for your rights and that love is always an answer.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jiří Menzel



Magdaléna Vášáryová


Audience Award:

A bosszú angyala / M.F.A. , Director : Natalia LEITE


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