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Exhibition at Színészmúzeum, Miskolc

September 2009
Opening: September 11, 4 PM
Színészmúzeum, Déryné u. 3.

Curator: Anna Geréb

Franciska Gaal. Born in Budapest in 1904, died in New York in 1973. A
forgotten star from Hungary.

She was one of the most popular actresses in Budapest and later in Berlin of the roaring twenties. She then moved to Hollywood, where her mentor, producer Joe Pasternak, gave her starring roles in films like The Buccanneer by C. B. DeMille. She played opposite Bing Crosby, Reginald Owen, Fredric March and Anthony Quinn. She returned to Hungary in 1939 and this proved to be an ill-fated decision. Nobody was interested in her at home; so she returned to America again but her luck hasn't changed. After many unsuccessful attempts to find her way back into the limelight, Franciska Gaal died lonely and forgotten in New York.
Now, this intriguing exhibition will provide exciting new pieces of her life story.




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