Concerts 2009


11 September, Friday 21:00
Miskolc Művészetek Háza 
Ticket price: 1 500,- with Miskolc card: 1 200,-

Veronika Harcsa, with her ethereal but also matured voice, is one of the most successful and most colorful singers of Hungary. Beside singing in her own acoustic jazz band, she is also the member of the Erik Sumo Band and regularly appears as the singer of the world-famousNicola Conte's jazz combo. The concert during the Cinefest is special in two ways: on the one hand some of the songs - co-produced by Veronika Harcsa and Berci Márkos cellist - from the movie Lost times (Utolsó idők) will be performed (these are not the part of the regular repertoire). On the other hand this concert will be the last Hungarian concert before the next tour in Japan.


12 September. Satuday 22:00
Miskolc Művészetek Háza - Café

Dóra Szolnoki and Gábor Cseke are well-known jazz musicians playing in several bands. Gábor Cseke joined the Dóra Szolnoki Jazz Quintet in 2008. It seems like a lucky match, for their feelings and thoughts about music are quite similar. They understand eachother, therefore they communicate easily through music, meaning that their musics breathe together. They play nice jazzstandards in a very special way,
creating their own understanding of jazz!


15 September 19:00
Miskolc Művészetek Háza

A Celtic punk band from Miskolc. According to their own definition they play pub n'roll. Beside their own songs they also play Scottish and Celtic folk songs, Irish pub-songs and sailor songs in an energetic punk n' roll or in authentic unlpugged style. The members of the band were recruited from the Symphonic Orchestra of Miskolc, Miskolci Ütősök, Disco Express and from The Rockets. The Rats have given more than 50 concerts so far. So, if you would like to know better this nice rat, stinking from alcohol and wearing a kilt you should come and watch the Ratshow...


16 September, Wednesday, 19:00
Miskolc Művészetek Háza 
Ticket price: 1 600,- with Miskolc card: 1 300,-

Gyula Cspregi's "talk show with music" is featuring the most prominent jazz artists of Hungary.

Guests: Nikoletta Szőke (vocal) and József Barcza Horváth (doublebass)



"This is theatre honey" - record release concert

17 September, Thursday, 22: 00 óra
Miskolc Művészetek Háza
Ticket price: 1 500,- with Miksolc card: 1 200,-

"According to our firends but also to us, the Singas Project is a jazz, nu-jazz projec. The two of us - Kores and Zozo - founded it in September, 2005. With the artists joining us from that on, the band is now complete. In the meantime the music we perform nowadays were born: a misx of: jazz, break'n'bossa, acid jazz, swing, trip-hop, rock and other effects and elements"
After the success of our first record the band was on tour for most of the time in 2008. Beside the regular Hungarian concerts (on A38 before Deti Picasso) and festival performances (Sziget, PEN, Mediawave, VOLT, Balaton Sound) we made a successful debut abroad (Osijek Spring Jazz-HR, Krakow, Warsaw-PL, Kosice-SK, Brussels-BE, Sarajevo-Winter Festival-BiH)


"Real Hallucinations"

18 September, Friday, 21: 00
Miskolc Művészetek Háza
Ticket price: 1 900,- with Miskolc card: 1 500,-
On this night Balázs Zságer and the band will let improvisation and process-music play an important role by remaking their psychedelic and instrumental songs. The process of this "musical swimming" is accompanied by several film- and literary quotes. As usual with them, past and future are blended as if the players from a medieval mystery were to meet the aliens from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


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