Concerts 2010


Electro / Drum & Bass / Folk

11-09-2010 Saturday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

The idea of the Folkfree band was created by Gábor Hajas at 2003, his aim was to create a unique style music based on traditional Hungarian virtue with a modern harmonization. The realisation of the ideas was started with a bassist, András Koroknay, then yet in an instrumental form. Over the years, Folkfree music naturally turned into a performance where the sound of the hurdy-gurdy and the traditional Hungarian folk music well assorted with drum and bass, dub, reggae and other modern electronic elements provided a mature, unique style for the band. Current line-up was set up in 2006. The band alive is a boomblast, with nasty beats, heavy sound, and an audience based show, wich keeps the legs moving all night long. | Music


Punk / Folk Rock / Celtic

12-09-2010 Sunday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

Paddy & The Rats was formed by the singer-songwriter Paddy, Vince (bass) and Joey (electric guitar) in 2008. Then Seamus (drums) joined them and two authentic musicians, Sonny (accordion) and Sam (fiddle, tin whistle, banjo and bagpipe). As for their becoming rats, the six "Irish" guys say: punk is the same in music as rats among the animals - dirty and malicious, and they exactly play it. The band is combining different nations' pub music with hot and dirty punk rock. To spice up their own songs they use Irish pub music and Celtic features, but sometimes Russian and gypsy elements and rhythms are also present. The band's first album - Rats On Board - will be released in march 2010 by Nordic Records and it will be available on Itunes and Amazone. Also, Uncleowen Records is releasing it in Japan. Those listening to their music won't definitely stay sober, because the rolling jig rhythm makes everybody dance and even jump - and get drunk! Most of the lyrics are about drinking and pub stories (Fuck You I'm Drunk, We will fight, Pub'n roll). Last year they had more than 100 gigs, they took part in festivals in Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia. At gigs, besides their own songs they play such Irish songs as Wild Rover or Whiskey In The Jar, sailor songs (Drunken Sailor, Bully In The Alley) and punk anthems (Sex Pistols, Green Day) with fiddle, banjo, accordion, bagpipe, whistle - and of course, a lotta rock'n'roll. Their aim is to introduce the crowd to different kinds of pub music and pub culture. To be more precise: turn the whole world into a pub! | Music




14-09-2010 Tuesday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

Miskolc SKA legend. Uncle Leopold is best known for the song of '88 Who Know What? Won at the national popularity. Currently, the region band in Hungary, Miskolc and attraction district operates. Office of known members of Miskolc "artists" of ska, reagge, rock, punk, pop, the beat of contemporary and traditional rockabilly. Associate membership numbers 10 people. Drum & Bass, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, baritone, tenor, alto saxophone, trumpet and composed a number of polyphonic singing. | | Music


Electro / Trip Hop / Psychedelic

15-09-2010 Wednesday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

The band Ez a Divat (Translates as This is Fashion) was one of the first, Hungarian bands experimenting with mixing electronic music and jazz. After appearing on several compilation CDs, their first long player From the Head to the Feet was released in 2006, which made Ez a divat a decent cult band in the country. Ez a divat's latest release We Felt so Mixed up in the Neitherlands is a full length remix LP featuring the remixes of Hello from Neitherlands from such internationally acclaimed artists from all over Europe as Flevans, Lack of Afro, Badboe and Jon Kennedy . This year the band keeps on playing live on stage both in Hungary and abroad. | | Music


Psychedelic / Progressive / Rock

16-09-2010 Thursday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

The band colorStar was established in 1996 by four Budapest youths who had been playing music together for some time. It moved in the direction of "scientific educational dance music" as its goal was to combine instrumental and vocal music, acoustic and electronic tunes as well as live- and mechanical music so that the final result should be a kind of music that could not be classified in any existing music categories but would represent the features of a great number of styles. Their album "Heavenicetrip!" released in 1998 was compared in the technical media to those of Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree or Hawkwind due to its stylistic components of psychedelic, space and acid rock. Thanks to its success, the band has become a regular participant at clubs and festivals in Hungary and has also had a number of well received concerts abroad. Their second LP completed by 2001 under the title "Via La Musica". In terms of genre, it should be termed "experimental dance music" strongly influenced by electronic pop, ethno- and world music. Its success has even surpassed the first album. The third album, "Komfort" was released in 2004. It is a more popular sounding work than the previous LPs, yet keeps the unique characteristics of colorStar's music, which include modern, accentuated drums - mostly in electronic pieces earlier - astonishingly innovative while sometimes funky (fretless) bass, typical "floating" guitar-themes and its vocal, which is supplementary, co-ordinated rather than soloistic. All that is made alive by rich orchestration. ColorStar is happy to meet other genres be it theatre, film or party. Its members are pleased to appear in theatre, film or ensemble performances. | | Music


Trip hop

17-09-2010 Friday 20:30
Festival Center - open air Jameson stage

If so far there was no such product of a Hungarian domestic performer to what we could have applied, from the beginning to the end with a clean conscience, the term 'trip hop', the British music trend, well, from now on there is one. Mama Records published their fourth album from Beat Dis; Genetik Gift is a real gift to those with an ear for quality, not mentioning newer generations who bgrew up on American hip hop and British trip hop, to whom this album will most probably constitute real treasure. If we listened to the album without knowing anything about the performers (by no means the fact that nearly all members of this small band are Hungarian) we would not guess that we are listening to an album, which was not made in a studio located in Bristol or London. The six-membered band (Zoltán Rozmán - drums, Gábor Gergácz - guitars, Tamás Csigó - vermona, vocals, Zaida Rivas - vocals, Zoltán Déri - bass, Orávi Adrián Owa - record player) displays a unique, one-of-a-kind sound with fascinating determination on their first released album. Harmony, mood, melody, lyrics and voice of the vocalists are characteristic only to Beat Dis from this time on - domestically for sure. Over and above the intro ("hurrah") and the outro, there are twelve compositions on the disc; each one (without exception) exquisitely produced. Only two guest stars are featured - Mc, Mc Jez and MC Phreek -and only one song each. One more remark needs to made about the artwork: fabulous - one can see the same amount of devotion as on album tracks; this whole composition is more than perfect as it is - shocking and fascinating. | | Music


17-09-2010 Friday 20:30
Festival Center

Singers: Kiss Tibor (Quimby), Behumi Dóri (ex-Jazz + Az), Ruttkai Bori (Specko Jedno), Frenk

Budapest Bar, a four-member gypsy band was founded three years ago by bandleader Robert Farkas with the intention to establish an excellent core band for collaborative projects. Robert wanted to move Hungarian urban gypsy music away from its reputation as kitschy nostalgia and create a contemporary sound that is appealing to younger and music loving audiences. The musicians of Budapest Bar are praised by audiences and critics alike for their exceptional musicianship and for reviving a tradition that, while it is dear to everyone, is still in danger of fading away. Such collaboration between a Hungarian gypsy band and the cult icons of the underground rock scene has never occurred before. However, the band is not merely content to be known as a "retro" outfit and, thus, have already begun working on new material with the singers and songwriters and preparing new projects. In the meantime, the band has grown into a world-class band, playing gypsy inspired jazz and classical music. | Music


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