Concerts 2011


Punk / Folk Rock / Celtic

16th September, Friday 20:00
Jameson stage

The idea of the Folkfree band was created by Gábor Hajas at 2003, his aim was to create a unique style music based on traditional Hungarian virtue with a modern harmonization. The realisation of the ideas was started with a bassist, András Koroknay, then yet in an instrumental form. Over the years, Folkfree music naturally turned into a performance where the sound of the hurdy-gurdy and the traditional Hungarian folk music well assorted with drum and bass, dub, reggae and other modern electronic elements provided a mature, unique style for the band. Current line-up was set up in 2006. The band alive is a boomblast, with nasty beats, heavy sound, and an audience based show, wich keeps the legs moving all night long. | |

I Beats (Folkfree-Dj O'Neal)

Other / Electronics / Folk

17th September, Saturday 20:00
Jameson stage

What is the result if you put a beatboxer, a hurdy-gurdy player and an mc together on stage? You can imagine... From dubstep to folk they play every kind of music. The border of the music is only the creativity! If you like Dub Fx or Folkfree you must be there! If not, than try it it sounds like nothing else.

Evin és a Dömper

Alternative / Indie / Rock

18th September, Sunday 19:00
Jameson stage

Ervin és a Dömper (Ervin and the Dumper) have been adding new colours to the palette of Hungarian guitar groups since 2010. Yet recently it's as if they've been possessed by a sudden urgency. Within 4 months a crop of sublimely tuneful singles have been collected on an EP, 'Pohar Vér', accompanied by some thumping gigs in clubs. They're a band determined to go their own way and find their own sound, though those listening hard can find traces of surrealism, pastoral psychedelia and the sound of Glasgow School indie. They're in it for the kicks, and rightly so – yet the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the EP has given the band another lease of life. Most of the songs are the brainchild of the eponymously-derived Ervin, but the band's other members are also getting their songwriting chops. Concerts consist of covers of alternative rock combined with their own, increasingly popular, numbers. Their EP is available for free download at |


Alternative / Psychedelic / Rock

18th September, Sunday 20:30
Jameson stage


Klasszikus rock

19th September, Monday 20:30
Jameson stage

Reflex was a determinative local rock band in the era of real rock music. The band was reformed a few years ago by the founders and make succesful concerts inland, and also in parts of Slovakia lived by Hungarian people

PASO Soundsystem

Reggae / Dancehall / Ska

20th September, Tuesday 19:30
Jameson stage

PASO Soundsystem is the soundsystem side-project of the most famous Hungarian ska band Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra. The formation is a dj-live act where PASO's drummer Lipi Brown is the selector and KRSA is the mc who keeps the crowd entertained and even chants over the instrumentals. PASO soundsystem plays all types of jamaican music from reggae to mento, from ska to dancehall, from early-reggae to rub-a-dub, so expect a diverse musical trip.

Compact Disco

Disco House / Electro / Pop

21st September, Wednesday 20:00
Jameson stage

Hungarian four-piece Compact Disco is comprised of Behnam Lotfi - one half of the techno producing team Collins & Behnam - and three former members of funk-pop outfit Brownfield: Csaba Walkó, vocalist; keyboard player Gábor Pál and bass player Attila Sándor. They are currently working on their second album which is scheduled for release in Spring 2011. The band has been selected as members of MTV:brand new action, which supports artists with massive promotional activity on MTV over the next 2 years. This year, the group announced a sponsorship deal with Hungarian fashion brand Tisza.

Compact Disco has been nominated in three categories in the 2011 Fonogram Awards: Electronic production of the year; Song of the year and Best Newcomer. They will be performing live at this year’s awards event. Their debut album Stereoid was nominated for "Electronic Album of the Year" in the 2010 Fonogram Awards.

In 2005 Lofti was on the lookout for a talented vocalist when he spotted Walkó on a Hungarian equivalent of TV talent show American Idol. He approached Walkó to sing lead vocals on Collins and Benham’s cover of Seal’s Killer. At that time, Walkó was singing in funk-pop ensemble Brownfield. Fellow band member Gábor Pál, leader and founder of Toy Division, went along and the three founding members of Compact Disco - Lofti, Pal and Walkó - were introduced.However, 3 years passed before the three got together as a band playing electronic vocal pop music. In August 2008, and they rolled up their sleeves and started working immediately on their first collaboration: the track Fly or Dive.In April 2009, they took to the studio to add the vocals and finishing touches to their first, as yet untitled, album. The completed album was produced at Gábor Némethy's Groovejack Studio. In July 2009 the album was finished; the band had a name - Compact Disco - and the album - Stereoid - was ready to launch. Independent Hungarian record label, CLS Music, signed the band and released the debut album in December 2009. Soon after its release, Stereoid was nominated "Electronic Album of the Year" in the 2010 Fonogram Awards.The band began performing live in venues across Hungary and Romania in 2010. The video for the first track to be released off the album, “I’m In Love” produced by Hungarian filmmakers Studio X, was hugely popular. "I'm in Love" topped the Hungarian dance chart The VIVA Club Chart. The original track and remixes entered various international charts including the UK Buzz Chart and the Swiss DJ Chart. The track also scored a hit with acclaimed DJs all around the world including Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Alex Gaudino, Oliver Lang, Mischa Daniels, Henry John Morgan, Chris Finan, Ant Nichols, and Paul Ughes. In May 2010, the group reunited with Studio X to shoot the video for the second released track "Without You". May was also the month in which Bravo magazine nominated the band for a 2010 Hungarian Otto Award as "Best New Artist". The band performed an acoustic show in the "Akusztik" series on Magyar Rádió's pop music channel, MR2 Petőfi. Recorded before live audience in Magyar Rádió's Studio 8, the session, broadcast in September, was a hit. A busy Summer followed with Compact Disco appearing at almost all the major Hungarian music festivals. The band covered Hungarian singer Ákos’ work for the Hungarian MTV channel’s ‘Icon’ series and invited Pál and Walkó's former Brownfield band mate bassist Attila Sándor to join them as the fourth member of Compact Disco. In November 2010, responding to a request by Red Bull, they shot their third video to their song "Fly or Dive".

The band has remixed songs for several Hungarian artists, including folk-pop band, Holdviola and their remix of "Bánat utca" was a club sensation. They also remixed popular Hungarian solo artist, Ákos' second single, "A fénybe nézz" from his 2010 album. In November 2010 the band won the popular award MTV brand:new aided by their innovative viral video series "Segíts Antosnak" ("Help Antos!").

At the end of a busy year, as a gift to fans old and new, the band re-released their debut album, Stereoid as a free digital download. In December, Compact Disco began work on their second album, scheduled for release this Spring. |

The Carbonfools

Breakbeat / Electro / Rock

22nd September, Thursday 20:00
Jameson stage

In 2000 DJ Titusz, a well-known Hungarian DJ and icon, and Tóth Szabolcs, sitar player, created Carbonfools. They were then joined by Zsüli (percussion) Zsazsa (bass) Kelo (drums) and Dado (guitar). Between 2000 and 2004 they played at several festivals and parties, culminating with the release of their first album Poisoned Gulash. This album is a fusion of rock, blues, reggae, dub, disco, folk, ethno and darkwave. The album was made without Szabolcs, who went to India to perfect his sitar skills. In addition to their own projects, the band made many remixes for other acclaimed Hungarian underground bands. The English Mint Soure record label published three singles, which were very much welcomed by many English DJs. Fehér Balázs joined the band at the summer of 2006, by whom a new – second album titled Carbon Heart had been made at the time of October 2008. The album won a large audience, so much, so that almost anywhere can not be obtained. The Carbonfools presented their new guitarist in February 2009: István Fekete -Steve-, and a new bass player in Februar2011: Milan Miklos

Members now: Dj Titusz, Kelo, Steve, Balazs Feher, Milan

The Radio stations play the songs in priority rotation, moreover one or two songs appeare in the programme nowdays.The band had became a more and more famous concertband in the past few years. They are retuning guests of several clubs in Budapest where the large number of audience are danced by them.In the past two years more and more rural towns had been turned by the band, with much succes. Everytime giving a concert in Miskolc, Szeged, Debrecen, Veszprém, or Dorog, was a memorable moment. Either the festival audience didn't have to miss The Carbonfools. Since they had formed, no Sziget Fesztivál had been organised without them, moreover in the recent 3 years neither the audince of Balaton Sound nor the other summer events could escape from The Carbonfools.Last year they got a big honor, had been asked to remake two Demjen Ferens songs within MTV ICON- was one of the most unforgetable concerts of the summer in Siófok, there was incredible crowd, since that songs are still being in program. Last year they had a request to MR2 Acoustic too, so fans will have the opportinity to listen their repertoire via a new approach in April. One of the world's most famous electro group the Dreadzone will wisit Budapest in May, and a common concert will be held, but not only in Hungary. They have been invited by the british colleagues for a concert abroad in September.

2010 december saw the release of their newest album Carbonsoul. | |

Kerekes Band

Funk / Psychedelic / Roots Music

23rd September, Friday 20:00
Jameson stage

Edgy Ethno-Funk, invigorating Csángó-Boogie and in-your-face rock'n'roll made Kerekes Band one of the biggest names in Hungarian world music. Their concerts throb with the intensity of a packed AC/DC gig infused with hungarian folk music and occurences of magical healings and psychedelic visions have also been reported. His set of flutes loaded to the brim with a suitcase full of effects, Zsombor Feher puts the crown on the experience as he plays like a csángó gone berserk in a Bronx funkparty who grew up on Jimi Hendrix' fiercest beats on the mountaintops of Gyimes. The true saviour of the Ethno Funk Brotherhood, Csaba Námor's mastery of the koboz promptly delivers a swift roundhouse kick to the face with every riff while viola virtuoso Ákos Csarnó adds the energy and soul of an otherworldly happiness which moves the bodies of the audience through time and space.The backbone of the group is the two hardest working men in folk-business, the Department of Cadence: Csaba Kónya with the bass guitar and Viktor Fehér behind the drums providing the reliable and never failing beat for this energetic and often enigmatic mixture of musical styles, eras and personalities. |

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