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Concerts 2012


14-09-2012 - Friday - 18:30

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage


Punk / Folk Rock / Celtic

14-09-2012 - Friday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Paddy & The Rats was formed by the singer-songwriter Paddy, Vince (bass) and Joey (electric guitar) in 2008. Then Seamus (drums) joined them and two authentic musicians, Sonny (accordion) and Sam (fiddle, tin whistle, banjo and bagpipe). As for their becoming rats, the six „Irish” guys say: punk is the same in music as rats among the animals – dirty and malicious, and they exactly play it. The band is combining different nations’ pub music with hot and dirty punk rock. To spice up their own songs they use Irish pub music and Celtic features, but sometimes Russian and gypsy elements and rhythms are also present. The band’s first album – Rats On Board – will be released in march 2010 by Nordic Records and it will be available on Itunes and Amazone. Also, Uncleowen Records is releasing it in Japan. Those listening to their music won’t definitely stay sober, because the rolling jig rhythm makes everybody dance and even jump – and get drunk! Most of the lyrics are about drinking and pub stories (Fuck You I’m Drunk, We will fight, Pub’n roll). Last year they had more than 100 gigs, they took part in festivals in Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia. At gigs, besides their own songs they play such Irish songs as Wild Rover or Whiskey In The Jar, sailor songs (Drunken Sailor, Bully In The Alley) and punk anthems (Sex Pistols, Green Day) with fiddle, banjo, accordion, bagpipe, whistle – and of course, a lotta rock’n’roll. Their aim is to introduce the crowd to different kinds of pub music and pub culture… To be more precise: turn the whole world into a pub! |

Kerekes Band

Funk / Psychedelic / Roots Music

15-09-2012 - Saturday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Edgy Ethno-Funk, invigorating Csángó-Boogie and in-your-face rock'n'roll made Kerekes Band one of the biggest names in Hungarian world music. Their concerts throb with the intensity of a packed AC/DC gig infused with hungarian folk music and occurences of magical healings and psychedelic visions have also been reported. His set of flutes loaded to the brim with a suitcase full of effects, Zsombor Feher puts the crown on the experience as he plays like a csángó gone berserk in a Bronx funkparty who grew up on Jimi Hendrix' fiercest beats on the mountaintops of Gyimes. The true saviour of the Ethno Funk Brotherhood, Csaba Námor's mastery of the koboz promptly delivers a swift roundhouse kick to the face with every riff while viola virtuoso Ákos Csarnó adds the energy and soul of an otherworldly happiness which moves the bodies of the audience through time and space. The backbone of the group is the two hardest working men in folk-business, the Department of Cadence: Csaba Kónya with the bass guitar and Viktor Fehér behind the drums providing the reliable and never failing beat for this energetic and often enigmatic mixture of musical styles, eras and personalities.


16-09-2012 - Sunday -18:30

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Anima Sound System

Dub / Electro / Pop

16-09-2012 - Sunday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage


Anima Sound System - Switch Me On (klip)

Anima Sound System - Tekerd (klip)


Psychedelic / Progressive / Rock

17-09-2012 - Monday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

ColorStar was formed in 1996 in Budapest. Their early inspirations derived from the colorful electronic dance scene of the city, world music, and ethno-techno as the mixture of the former two. During their trips and experiments, the band has met and made friends with new forms of music, such as the hybrid of folk and modern dance music, drum ‘n’ bass, and the space rock of the ’60s and ’70s. In doing so, they used only a taste of all these to spice their music. At their shows, colorStar often experiments with visual effects (VJs, projectors) to inspire, and to be inspired by other forms of arts.

After four albums and a concert DVD, 1G Records released colorStar’s fifth CD, Flow, during the spring of 2012. colorStar has gained momentum with new musicians joining the band, and is constantly on road to show fans the new songs and sound. In the meantime, colorStar is writing material for a new album to be released sometime in 2013. |

Heaven Street Seven

Indie / Pop / Rock

18-09-2012 - Tuesday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Heaven Street Seven have been one of the main acts of Hungary’s rockscene for about a decade, indicated by – among loads of other acknowledgements - getting the ’Album of the year’ award at ’Hungarian Grammy’ Fonogram in 2004. Beside being one of the most demanded alternative/indie groups in their homeland the guys have some international experience as well. To name but a few highlights, Heaven Street Seven won the European Border Breakers Award 2006 at MIDEM, before they went on an extensive European tour in 2007 supporting Aussie psychedelic legends The Church . As for the musical style itself it’s a unique blend of jangle-pop, hefty rockers and eerie psychedelia seasoned with a fair portion of Hungarian music-hall tradition dating back to the 1920s. Heaven Street Seven also supported Morrissey, Radiohead and REM, and are about to release their ninth full-length album this autumn.


Hip Hop

19-09-2012 - Wednesday - 18:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

DSP is one of Hungary’s most successful hip-hop acts. Coming from the underground scene, they’ve won the „Best Group” on the Awards twice. The prizes were legitimated with multi-million view videos, radio and TV appearances. DSP is supported by Red Bull as winners of their 2011 Made In Garage project, the same year the group got selected on VIVA Comet in two categories. DSP recently established an 8 person orchestral band to play their songs named DSP Live.

However, the members, Bom, Dipa and Gerysson believe that their biggest achievement are not these prizes, but that they only make music about real, life-like situations and stay credible and humble to their roots. They’re not rich, neither extremely poor, and don’t want to act according to those. They are 20-something guys who want to frame the moments and feelings that are familiar to all of us: going to a hard day of work in the morning, everyday stresses, a huge party and the day after, the obsession of politics, or the „who am I, where am I going” thinking. DSP has a handful of rhymes for all of these. | |

Akkezdet Phiai

Fusion / Hip Hop / Rap

19-09-2012 - Wednesday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

A Láma Dalai

20-09-2012 - Thursday - 18:30

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra

Dub / Reggae / Ska

20-09-2012 - Thursday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Traditional ska spiced up with Hungarian motifs – an astonishing combination that sure to make you dance!

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (PASO) is the traditional ska ambassador to Hungary and one of the most energetic young bands with distinct Eastern European roots.

Born in 2003, PASO played countless concerts in Budapest clubs cheered by an ever growing local crowd. As years passed by the band has crystallized form and style eventually finding itself leading a ska revival from Hungary to the European stages. In 2005 they have signed up with Megalith Records (the leading US ska label that manages most of today’s leading ska bands around the world). Their first album the Budapest Ska Mood came out at the label in the same year. BSM was followed by the Babylon Focus EP and the Biblical 7” vinyl single, the re:BSM (a remix of the Budapest Ska Mood album) and the 2nd full lenght "The Return of the Pannonians" in 2007. The first DVD of PASO was released in May 2009 for the 6th anniversary of the band containing a tour movie and the mixed video and sound of PASO's 5th anniversary show. The 3rd full lenght entitled "Feel the Riddim!" was released in 2009 by Megado Records (Hungary) and Megalith Records (USA and rest of Europe). The 4th full lenght „Lovemonster” was also a co-release by these labels in 2012. „Lovemonster” is a double album containing the 4th full lenght of PASO and the debut album of the band’s reggae-dub sideproject PASO’s Roots Rockers. The PASO’s Roots Rockers album was mixed by the American producer Victor Rice in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Meanwhile the band's songs were chosen to be on several compilations (Sony's Hungarian World Music Compilation, Skannibal Party 8., United Colors of Ska 4.0, Ost Klub's compilation, etc.). |


Alternative / Rock

21-09-2012 - Friday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

30Y are a five-piece alternative rock band formed in Pécs in 2000. Having identified themselves with live music, when asked about their style they often refer to the feel of American bands of the 90s. The band has released five albums to date, and have unquestionably become the defining formation of the Hungarian rock. Headliners at every major festival back home, they have performed at least 50 club concerts each year nationwide. The band’s latest album is based on there on going “Szentimentale” project. |

The Power

22-09-2012 - Satuurday - 19:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

The Power was formed to a band as a result of a long old acquaintance, a late-night chat and a non-existent coincidence...

Members are:
- Robert Batta (Suta) has been the producer of bands since the 90s, like Liquid Limbs, Skyland and Hardrox
- Tibor Rakos (Rez) former guitar player of II. Ukrán Front punk band, present lead singer and song writer of the progressive music band Eclipse.

Growing up in the eighties and nineties electro-pop, new wave, post-punk tendencies, after many decades of experience united for the aim of creating an exciting fusion, which tries to recall and redefine a sort of non-existent old feeling in the present. | |

The Carbonfools

Breakbeat / Electro / Rock

22-09-2012 - Satuurday - 20:00

Miskolc, Városháztér - car park - Jameson stage

Elsõ nagylemezük Poisoned Goulash (Mérgezett gulyás) címmel 2004-ben jelent meg a Crossroads Records gondozásában.A hangzásvilágot az elektronikus alapok és az élõ hangszeres muzsika fúziója határozza meg. Zenéjük a rock, blues, reggae, dub, disco, folk, ethno, darkwave és a mai modern elektronikus mufajok egyvelege.

Fennállásuk alatt rengeteg remixet készítettek olyan elõadóknak, mint például a Noir Desir, Kispál és a Borz, Jazz+Az, Korai Öröm, Kimnowak, Anando Drom, stb. Angliában a Mint Source kiadó három maxilemezt jelentetett meg, melyek igen kedvezõ fogadtatásban részesültek az angol DJ-k körében.

A 2001-es Sziget Fesztiválon debütáltak és azóta is folyamatosan koncerteznek. Sajnálatos módon Tóth Szabolcsot azóta szitármániája elszólította messze Indiába. 2006 nyarán csatlakozott a zenekarhoz Fehér Balázs (énekes, PopModel), aki dalszövegeivel érthetetlenné tette a Szénhülyék zenei stílusát.

2008-ban jelent meg Carbonheart című lemezük, melynek dalait előszeretettel játszottak a rádiók és a televíziók nem is beszélve a több százezres internetes letöltésről. Magyarország egyik legismertebb koncertzenekaraként folyamatosan járják a magyarországi klubokat, sőt 2010-ben két londoni koncertet is adtak.

2010 legvégén jelent meg harmadik nagylemezük a Carbonsoul, mely stílusában az előző lemez továbbgondolása, megmaradt a jellegzetes carbonos pszichedelikus techno űrrock hangzás, megspékelve új elemekkel mint a new wave,a blues vagy a turbopolka.

Titusz szerint: „Ez a lemez sokkal dal orientáltabb, mint az előző, több szerepet kapott Balázs hangja, megjelentek új elemek, mint a new wave, blues,de persze megmaradt a jellegzetes carbonos pszichedelikus techno-rock massza is.

Feltűnnek vendégelőadók is egy-egy számban. A rádiókban hallható Sunset című dalban például Fehér András a csapat énekesének (Fehér Balázs) édesapja énekli az operabetétet, de a gitáros Fekete István, azonos nevű, trombitás édesapja is feltűnik itt-ott.

Jameson Lounge

Helyszín: Művészetek Háza előtti tér

09.14. péntek
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Live Acoustic Opening Day
Dobos Tomi – 2 hours vinyl dj set + élő hangszeres improvizáció
Del Sol (Frisky Radio)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.15. szombat
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Vinyl Day
Dobos Tomi – 2 hours vinyl dj set + élő hangszeres improvizáció
Nigel Snorter (CrossNineTroll)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.16. vasárnap
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Prime Fm Day
Guiza, Efel (Friendz, Prime fm)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.17. hétfő
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Galactic Boogie Day
Holic (Galactic Boogie)
Maple Dip (JK!)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.18. kedd
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Neston Radio Day
Add2Basket (Neston Radio - Budapest)
Maple Dip (JK!)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.19. szerda
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Jóképű Klub Day
Maple Dip (JK!)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.20. csütörtök
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Mix Club Day
Rony Breaker (Mix Club – Budapest) 17.00
Ritmo Live Hangszeres Improvizáció (Gitár&Konga)

Little Fe (JK!)
Balakrishnan (JK!)

09.21. péntek
JK! Lounge 17.00-23.00-ig
Mjuzik Closing Day
Surprise aka. Pressure Cooker
Ritmo Live Hangszeres Improvizáció (Gitár&Konga)

Little Fe (JK!)
Balakrishnan (JK!)


Jameson Hollywood Party

Zenés video workshop

Helyszín: Tudomány és Technika Háza (Görgey Artúr u. 5.)

09.14. péntek - Video Disco DJ Astro

09.21. péntek - Video Disco DJ Astro

Cinefest After Pub

Helyszín: Corner Stage Kávézó (Papszer utca 48.)

09.14. péntek 22:00 Nowhere Hill koncert 23:30 Retro Video Disco

09.15. szombat 22:00 Punk Whiskey koncert 23:30 Ír kocsmazene hajnalig

09.19. szerda 23:30 RMR (funk, lounge, chillout)

09.20. csütörtök 21:00 DAAZO Shotfilms! Party

09.21. péntek 22:00 Thunder Jack koncert 23:00 godDAM ltd. koncert

09.22. szombat 22:00 Ildi Rider koncert 23:30 Retro Disco


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