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September 16-18
For strengthening the communication between people - through movies

The American Film Showcase, a joint project of the Budapest U.S. Embassy and Jameson CineFest presents great, award winning films for strenghtening the dialogue between different social groups. Through personal communication and with the screening of entertaining flicks we focus on chances and successes, different people's values and survival of dramas and triumphs.

The Oscar-nominated Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson) directed Sugar, a story of a Dominican baseball player who joins a U.S. team and his fight for the difficult integration. Andrew Garrison's documentary film, Trashdance shows a choreographer's fight, while Katie Dellamaggiore's Brooklyn Tower presents chess players guys and their outbreak. Finally, Christopher Kenneally's documentary Side by Side gives an insight into the secrets of making movies, with Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Danny Boyle, Lars von Trier, John Malkovich and Vilmos Zsigmond - the host is Keanu Reeves.

All programs are free.

Supported by the Budapest U.S. Embassy.


Forum for Film Professionals

In cooperation with the Hungarian National Film Found a “Forum for Fiom Professionals” will be organized at the CineFest. Topics: grants, European and Hungarian film-related law, coproduction and intellectual property rights.

Time: 20 September, 2013 (Friday) 13:00-16:00 (venue: House of Arts, Miskolc, Rákóczi str. 5 Béke screening room)

The cinema as cultural center” Program by the Art Cinema Association

“How do (or how do not) cinemas function as public spaces, what kind of alternative contents, co-operations and other programs can be offered and in what ways is a film seen in a cinema is more than one seen at home?” Information on changes in regulations and grants concerning art cinemas and art film distributors. Changes in the MEDIA Program – Creative Europe 2014 – 2020.

Time: 20 September, 2013 (Friday) 10:30-13:00 (venue: House of Arts, Miskolc, Rákóczi str. 5 Béke screening room)

MEDIA Desk orientation

The MEDIA Desk Hungarian Office’s lecture on the closing results of MEDIA 2007 program and on general information concerning the new, Creative Europe program, to be launched next year. Given by Enikő Kiss.

Time: 20 September, 2013 (Friday) 16:00-17:00 (venue: House of Arts, Miskolc, Rákóczi str. 5 Béke screening room)

Jameson CineFest Children’s Day

The Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival has organized its new program “Jameson CineFest Children’s Day” at the Avas housing estate first in 2012. The program brings a movie to children in kindergarten and elementary school, screened at the Theatre Room of the Avasi Grammar School. This year the youngest generation of cinema-goers will have a chance to watch Madagascar 3 with their parents on 14 September (Saturday) at 10:00; 13:00 and 15:00. The event is sponsored by its patron, Katalin Csöbör MP. Admittance is free!

Date: 14 September, 2013. 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00

Venue: Miskolc, Theatre Room of the Avasi Grammar School

Program organized by the Alliance of Hungarian Film Clubs and Film Lovers


Date: 14 September, 2013 (Saturday) 10:00-17:00

Venue: Miskolc, House of Arts (Rákóczi str. 5.)

The goal of the meeting is to have the leaders of currently operating school film clubs exchange their experiences and views, to compare programs, screenings, topics, to have a brainstorming session on film lists and methods on creative usage of documentaries. It is also of great importance to orientate teachers with fewer experiences in organizing film clubs. Experts and experienced film club organizers help them to gain more knowledge on organizing film clubs in schools.


- History of film clubs

- Classical and special film clubs

- Methods: Where is the place of documentaries?

- Methods: Film clubs as public spaces

- Film clubs at colleges and universities


- International examples

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