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7. Docu Compass


2016.09.14. WEDNESDAY

Béke Screen

19:00 – Premier



(Hungary, 2016) 52 min (HUN)


Experts: Krisztián Kapusi, Péter Szlukovinyi

The Jews settled in Miskolc at the second half of the 16th century. The film aims to show what the Jewish people gave to Miskolc, how they shaped the city, what role they played in the embourgeoisement. They took part in craft making, trade, culture and also in the industry. They are the ones to be thanked for the hospital as well.

How did they coop with the Holocaust and how do Orthodox Jews live today in Miskolc, although only in reduced numbers. That is what the historian talks about, the survivors remember of. The film has some archive footage as well. Will the religion revive? Jewish fate in a city, situated 200 kilometers from Budapest. That’s what the film shows us.



New competition program for Hungarian filmmakers. The aim of the program is to introduce the young Hungarian talents to the Festival’s audience. Since the first Jameson CineFest we had a mission to search for new voices in the film industry with who we can keep in touch and follow their path. We love to discover and we put a great emphasis on it this year. We have not been as strict with our entry regulations n this program as with the other competition programs. If we loved the film, it made it to the program whether or not being Hungarian premiere. Come and watch the best new Hungarian shorts!

Joint program of the Art Cinema Association and the National Association of Cinema Operators

Venue: House of Arts. Béke Screen

Date: September 15. 2016, Thursday



Orientation by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority – film and movie registration, data supply, access to statistical data, presentation of the semi-annual statistical survey of 2016.

Speaker: Katalin Pethő, PhD, vice president



Roundtable discussion with the participation of distributors, operators and representatives of the cinemas – Emília Szedlacsek departmental head (Ministry of Human Resources), Péter Bálint (Association of Film Distributors) on behalf of the distributors, Erika Borsos (National Association of Cinema Operators) on behalf of the cinemas in Budapest, Andrea Buda on behalf of the Cinema City cinemas, Éva Andrea Szabó (Art Cinema Association) on behalf of the non-Budapest based cinemas and Rudolf Mayer (Art Cinema Association) on behalf of the suppliers talk about the hot topics of film distribution, the problems and possible solutions.

Keynote speaker: Rudolf Mayer: “Before and after digitalization. Where does the road leads for traditional cinemas, i.e the chances of networking.

Mediator: Géza Csákvári, film critic


Date: September 16. 2016, Friday


New trends in the cinema technology – report on the newest technologies presented at Cinema Expo 2016

Zoltán Berkes, Attila Farkas, Zsuzsanna Talum



Discussion on the profession. Moderated by Tamás Kollarik (organized by the Festival)



Book presentation: Regime changes in films. Changes in the institutional background of Hungarian film 1990-2010. Discussion with the writer, Balász Varga. Moderated by Tamás Kollarik (organized by the Festival)


Presentation by distributors on the new releases



11 September (Sunday) 2016. 15:00

Miskolc Theatre Room of The Avasi Grammar School

The Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival has organized its new program "CineFest a Day for the Children" at the Avas housing estate first in 2012. The program brings a movie to children in kindergarten and elementary school, screened at the Theatre Room of the Avasi Grammar School. This year the youngest generation of cinema-goers will have a chance to watch Inside Out with their parents on 11 September (Sunday) at 15:00. The event is sponsored by its patron, Katalin Csöbör MP.

Admittance is free!


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