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Following the traditions of the Festival, last year we created a new competition program for shorts and animations by young Hungarian (and of Hungary) filmmakers, called CineNewWave. The aim of the program is to introduce the young Hungarian talents to the film-lovers of the Festival. Since the beginning, the JCF had a mission to find new voices, to discover the great promises of the future. We love to explore and this year we focused on this passion of ours even more!

The winner of the CineNewWave competition program receives 1,000,000 HUF (gross), offered by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority. The selected entries are screened at the Jameson CineFest in the presence of the filmmakers.

Come and watch the best Hungarian shorts of the year!



The Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival hosted several film workshops in the last couple years.

Just like in 2015, the North Hungarian Regional Film Fund – Miskolc Foundation organized a film workshop this year under the title “Miskolc-Our home”.

The program strengthens the relationship between the CineFest and the University of Miskolc, Institute of Cultural and Visual Anthropology.

In 2016 we focused on the past, traditions and present of religious and ethnic minorities in and around Miskolc by presenting three short documentaries on the Roma, Polish and Jewish communities of Miskolc. This year four crew worked in the project that has aimed to show some aspects of the identity of Miskolc through local legends.

2017.09.09. Szombat/Saturday 19:00-21:00
Béke terem / Béke Screen

Fóti Dávid - Horváth Zulima - Madarász Debóra: Gördülő élet
Potonyecz Fanni - Rácz Máté Levente: A tapolcai hattyúk legendája
Szűcs Rebeka - Daragó Dóra - Pomázi Szonja: Meg kell bolondulni
Mucsi Eszter - Szigeti Maja: Bortanya

In the frameworks of the ‘Our Home – Miskolc’ program the Jameson CineFest offers a scholarship to one talented student of the University of Miskolc to realize his/her documentary. This year the grantee has been Áron Csere with his film ‘Guilty Victims’. 60 years after the fusillade and the following lynch the witnesses reconstruct the events from their memories. Simple by-passers, an officer from the barrack, the member of the student committee speak about the day they could never forget, even if it has changed in their memories. The film premieres at the Jameson CineFest.

2017.09.09. Szombat/Saturday 21:00
Béke terem / Béke Screen

OTTHONUNK MISKOLC PROGRAM 2017/JCF-Miskolci Egyetem Ösztöndíj


D.: CSERE Áron János

(Hungary) 2017, 52 min


Joint program of the Art Cinema Association and the National Association of Cinema Operators

House of Arts, Béke Screen
13 September, 2017 (Wednesday)


  • Reducing operational risks of Digital Cinema equipment with expired warranty, operational insurance options – speaker: Zoltán Berkes
  • Manufacturers’ suggestions regarding equipment older than 5 years – panel discussion with the representatives of Christie, Barco, and Sony
  • Beyond DPX – a film’s lifetime in the world of OTT and VOD – speaker: Lipót Répászky, managing director, NAVA


  • Tenders
  • European Art Cinema Day – speaker: Edit Bakos


  • CineEurope 2017 summary – ‘A different kind of cinema buffet’ – speaker: Zsuzsanna Talum


House of Arts, Béke Screen
14 September, 2017 (Thursday)


  • Film and Cinema registration
  • Presentation on the results and tendencies of cinema statistics in the first semester of 2017 – speakers: Dr. Katalin Pethő deputy manager, Szilvia Szilády age and art cinema controller
  • Statistical system user interfaces and their use – presentation by Zoltán Berkes


  • Panel discussion on the introduction of the statistical system – participants: representatives of the National Film Office of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Zoltán Berkes, and programmers

House of Arts, Béke Screen
15 September, 2017 (Friday)

9:00 -10:30

  • Panel discussion – cinema operators and distributors – moderator: Péter Bálint, president of the Association of Hungarian Film Distributors
  • Director György Ráduly presents the future plans of the Hungarian National Film Archive


  • Presentation by distributors on the new releases (part I)


  • Presentation by distributors on the new releases (part II)

Ecumenical Roundtable Discussion

House of Arts, Béke screen
11 September 2017. 15:30

For decades, the best film festivals of the world have had juries with Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical members. The members of these ecumenical juries are delegated by SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communicaiton) and INTERFILM (the international network of film organizations of the Christian churches).

It was in September 2011 when an International Ecumenical jury has been first formed at the Jameson CineFest – first time ever in Hungary.

This year a roundtable discussion with the title Conditio Humana is held on the artistic and institutional tasks of the ecumenical jury.

All creations have a complex vision of humanity – they reflect their creator’s vision on humanity and human life. In this workshop the man as spiritual being is put into focus through the current phenomenon of “spiritual renaissance” seen also in contemporary film art.


  • Ágoston Erhardt, Hungary
  • Ingrid Glatz, Switzerland
  • Beáta Kézdi, Hungary
  • Magali van Reeth, France
  • Christine Ris, Switzerland

Moderator: Ákos Lázár Kovács.


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