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Árpád Sopsits is a Balázs Béla prize holder film, television and stage director. He directed seven feature films so far, that have been screened at more than 200 international festivals receiving more than 45 prizes in Cannes, Montreal, Chicago, Locarno, Bergamo, Lagov, Berlin, Potsdam, Belgrád, Budapest etc. He was voted best director of the year three times, both as film and stage director. His 2001 movie “Abandoned” represented Hungary at the Academy Award selection and made it into the first 35. His last title “Strangled” (2016) won 9 prizes at the Hungarian Film Week and has been invited to 42 international film festivals so far. At The International Policier Film Festival in Liège it won the Prix de la Public, i.e. Audience Award.



Film producer, Managing Partner at TOY CINEMA production Company worked as executive producer at STB TV-channel, later in Star Media company (first in Kiev, then in Moscow). After returning to Kiev became a head of producer’s center ‘Pyramid’ where a range of scripts were written and screen adaptations were made. Worked with different famous directors (Olexy, Michal Boganim, Marcus Schwenzel, Eva Neymann, Chris Cottam, Mike Bruce) and took part in various serials, documentaries, future films as a producer. In 2007 she started own script agency that collaborates with different channels and production companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, France. In 2012 she became a partner in group of companies ‘TOY’ that works in the production of international



Dita Guery graduated from the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University in 1975. While living in Hollywood she took scriptwriting courses at the AFI. She took part in the production of several dramatic feature and short films (Igor and the Crane’s Journey 2013, Yona 2014, Marcy Rain 2014, An Israeli Love Story 2016), television series (An Enemy Compound 2000, Salma 2015), TV dramas (Indian in the Sun 1976, Winter Games 1984, Dorit, Slow Exposure 1983) and documentaries (Asking a Question 1978, Eda Nudel Refusing 1980, Bina and Shapira Celebrating Together 2003).



Director and screenwriter. His films won numerous awards, short doc. “Starting Point” got the Grand Prix at Sheffield, Camerimage, Docu days, and many others. It also was Oscar shortlisted. He also wrote, and directed shorts: “A Boat”, “Sashka, Sashka”, and “The seduction school”. As well films, his play “Patrz: wolna wola”, and scripts “A Boat”, and “Goliath” where price winning. His new narrative short “Spitsbergen”, and teleplay “To steal a life” will be released this year. He likes good music and good food. Father of three year old Adele.


TÁLAS Zsófia

Zsófi a Tálas is a Hungarian film editor. She has edited numerous short films, short documentaries, short animation films and the multi-award winning Hungarian feature film, For Some Inexplicable Reason. She is an editing graduate of England’s National Film and Television School and the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. Zsófi a also has a degree in film history from Eötvös Loránd University and is a member of HSE (Hungarian Society of Editors). She is currently editing



Jasmin Baumgartner was born in 1990 in Baden, Lower Austria. Because of “Dawsons Creek” she decided to become a filmmaker at an early age. She started working at film production companies and film festivals at the age of 16. Since 2011 she studies scriptwriting at the Filmacademy Vienna in the class of Götz Spielmann. She took part in the production of the following films as a director and scriptwriter: I See a Darkness (short, 2016), Shirin: Die Ehre meiner Schwester (2013); and as



Born in 1991, Attila Hartung started his studies in 2011 at SZFE (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest), in the class of János Szász and Attila Janisch. Several of his school projects (but most notably ‘Meatball’ and ‘Ischler’) screened at various international film festivals, and his BA graduation movie ‘Deliver Us’ won CineFest’s CineNewWave section in 2016. Attila is currently finishing his MA studies at SZFE in the class of Ildikó Enyedi, and in the meantime preparing his first feature film’s shooting for next summer. The film, titled ‘Nobody goes nowhere’ already won financing from the Hungarian National Film Fund’s Incubator Program.


Frédéric HENRY

For 15 years he has been responsible for an educative project at Cinemas du Palais in Creteil (AFCAE and Europa Cinemas) targeting the young audience. He worked as a programmer, educational and artistic coordinator for the project: “Cinema is almost perfect: living the cinema and Europe” which focuses on European cinema and social development. It supports actions that bring European cinema closer to the younger generation, educate them on cinematographic values, bring the audience back into focus, propose new ways of understanding and loving cinema and transform the film theatre into a space where people can meet, get to know each other and themselves. The project is realized in the Val de Marne region.





Erika Borsos was born in Vojvodina in the former Yugoslavia and is currently living in Budapest, Hungary. Since 1995 she has worked in many divisions of film distribution, including working at a DVD rental store, at an art cinema and organizing and managing film festivals. She has been the managing director of the Odeon film distributing company for 15 years. Currently she works as the Head of the Film Programming at Budapest Film Zrt.


Florent PARIS

Florent Paris studied film and cinema at the University of Nancy, in France. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the French cinema between 1918 and 1938, the passage from silent movies to talking pictures. He also worked with Jacques Prévert on the literary adaptation of The Port of Shadows. Parallel to being a student, he worked in a movie theater too. Florent Paris was born in 1964 in France and now he manages his cinema


Anika Danielle WAGNER

Anika Danielle Wagner was born in 1990 and grew up in Germany. Since 2008 she made several short movies and video installations which were shown on exhibitions and festivals. She studies art (film department) at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach and works at Kino Traumstern in Lich - one of the most renowned cinemas in Germany. She was the assistant of director AKIZ for the famed German horror movie „Der Nachtmahr“. She worked as DoP, musician and director at film projects in Berlin, London, Paris and Sarajevo. At the moment she is working on her first feature film as a director.




She was born in 1961, and she works as film critic. She studied Hungarian and French literature, aesthetics and television journalism. Between 1984-1988 she worked at the National Széchényi Library, then analysed French advertisements at Comporgan System House. Since 1998 she is working at the Hungarian National Film Archive, Budapest at the Department of Documentaries. She is publishing her film criticisms in Filmkultúra Online. She was the member of different international and Hungarian juries (e. g. 2002-2003 Visegrad Documentary Library; 2006; 2009; 2011 Hungarian Film Week, 2003-2004 Bratislava Film Festival; 2009 FIKE; 2012 Jameson CineFest Miskolc; 2014


Pierre-Simon GUTMAN

Pierre-Simon Gutman is the deputy editor of the French movie review L’Avant scène cinéma. After a PHD in movie esthetics (about the American film maker Michael Cimino), he has taught cinema in the Universities Paris VII, Nancy 2, and is currently teaching at the film school ESRA, in Paris and Bruxelles. He has written for Eclipses, Les Fiches du cinéma, Trois Couleurs or Soap, about movie making and politics. He has also served several years as a programmer, for both short and festure films, at the Cannes’s Critic Week.


Giuseppe SEDIA

Giuseppe Sedia is a French-born Italian journalist living and working in Poland. He is a reporter for the Italian daily „Il Manifesto”. He writes regularly about cinema for „The Krakow Post”. His articles on film and visual arts have appeared in several magazines in Italy and abroad (Artribune, Cineforum, Film International, Sentieri Selvaggi).





An editor, director, scriptwriter and producer, Ágoston Erhardt (born in 1980) has been working in the Hungarian public television production for the past fourteen years. An M.A. graduate of the Department of Media and Communication of the University of Szeged, he worked as a journalist in parallel with pursuing his studies, and became editor-in-chief of a university newspaper. Before obtaining his degree he began working for Duna TV. Primarily in the area of religion, but also in news broadcasting and various factual genres and cultural programmes. After the transformation of the Hungarian public television in 2010 he worked as chief editor-producer for the Religious Programmes Department of Duna TV. Since 2015 he is chief editor of the Religious Programmes Department of MTVA (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund). He makes mainly portrait and documentary programmes/films. He was the first awardee to receive the Sinkó Ferenc prize, granted by the Hungarian Catholic Association of the Press.



Kézdi Beáta (*1982) is a journalist and an editor of the magazine of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary. She visited the Lutheran High School of Deák Square and studied communication and Hungarian literature at The Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Between 2005 and 2006 She worked as a reporter for Petőfi Radio. From 2008 to 2010 she worked as a project manager at the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. Between 2010 and 2015 she was the editor of the website of Heti Válasz (Hungarian weekly). Since 2011 she has been writing theatre critics to Heti Válasz (Hungarian weekly).


Schüpfen (Switzerland)

Christine Ris (*1952), educated as commercial employee and since childhood fascinated by films, has been working as a secretary at the Swiss Parliament and in several industrial companies. She was in charge of the administration and organization of the department of further education at the Reformed Churches Berne- Jura-Solothurn in Switzerland for 11 years. Retired since May 2017. Since June 2017 in charge of administration, organization, creation and publishing of print-medias; organization of filmevents and film-discussions in several church communities in Switzerland. Member of INTERFILM International and the board of Interfilm Switzerland, she is visiting regularly different festivals and film seminars and has also been member of the Ecumenical Juries in Saarbrücken and Mannheim.


Magali Van REETH
Aix en Provence (France)

Magali van Reeth (*1956 in Brazzaville) is a journalist, film reviewer for the SIGNIS website www.signis.net and for a network of French Catholic parishes and French Catholic Medias (radio, TV and magazines). She is also leading premiere screenings in commercial cinemas and workshops on Cinema and Spirituality for prisoners in prison. She is a member of the FIPRESCI through the French Union des Journalistes de Cinéma (presently board member). As a member of SIGNIS she represented the association as member of different SIGNIS, Ecumenical, Interreligious and FIPRESCI juries since 2000. General Secretary of Signis France (2006-2017) and President of Signis Europe (2013-2017).

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