Europe Awards 2017
The leading actress of ‘Shortcuts’ aka ‘Cutting it Short’, Magda Vásáryova was 19 when she played the leading role in the film, ‘Marketa Lazarova’. The three-hours epic is considered by the critics and film historians one of the European masterpieces of the golden years of the 1960s. A few years back, the premiere of its digitally re-mastered copy has been a true headliner. The actress is not only acknowledged for dozens of great roles but also for her career in politics. After the regime change she became a politician and a diplomat, making it up the being Slovakian presidential candidate. She also served as ambassador and state secretary of foreign affairs. The actress and politician speaks several languages and has a truly European point of view.

Europe Awards 2016
Juliette Binoche is the only actress who was the Best Actress of Venice, Berlin and Cannes. In Venice she was awarded for her leading role in Three Colors: Blue. In Berlin she was named Best Actress for The English Patient and in Cannes for the leading role of the Certified Copy by the legendary Abbas Kiarostami. One out of the eight Academy Awards of The English Patient went to her: playing Hana, the Canadian nurse was one of the highlights of her career. Three Colors: Blue and The English Patient made her an international star, one of the most well-known actresses of the world. She worked with the greatest masters of the world cinema: Michael Haneke’s masterpieces Code Unknown and Caché are unimaginable without Binoche. She is a great actress and a true star, an European star: role model and point of orientation for millions.

Ambassador of European Cinema 2018
During his long and outstanding career Krzysztof Zanussi won the Golden Lion in Venice, the Jury Prize in Cannes and the Golden Leopard in Locarno, and he has been nominated to the Golden Globe as well. Zanussi, one of the major figures of European and international cinema, can only be described in superlatives – and imperatives. He is probably one of the most intellectual, most intelligent, purest and most detached (but also passionate and sentimental) directors of our time. He is also a professional in the best and purest sense of the word and speaks several languages. His heroes, mostly during times of historical and political unrest
in Central Europe, seek for purity, morale and meaning in their lives and in their relationships that are irrespective of the era and the society. The director worked with stars like Vittorio Gassman, Daniel Olbrychski, Christoph Waltz, Raf Vallone, Max von Sydow, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Maja Komorowska, Robert Powell and Valeria Golino and directed world-famous films like the Camouflage, The Structure of Crystal, Spiral, Imperative, A Year of the Quiet Sun or From a Far Country, the latter presenting the early life of Pope John Paul II. His congenial partner, Sławomir Idziak, who photographed 13 of Zanussi’s movies, was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award of Jameson CineFest in 2009. The leading Hungarian film festival pays tribute to the legendary artist with screening three of his masterpieces (The Structure of Crystal, the Golden Lion-winning A Year of the Quiet Sun and the Jury Prize-winning The Constant Factor) and giving him the Europe Award. Krzysztof Zanussi will be the foreman at the International Jury at this year’s Jameson CineFest.