Conny Plank – The Potential of Noise

Conny Plank - The Potential of Noise / 2017 / Germany / 92 min

Konrad „Conny” Plank is undoubtedly one of the most innovative sound designers of his time. The documentary is the search for the person and producer Conny Plank, a journey through music history, a son getting to know his father and a soundtrack that has influenced millions of music fans over three decades.

Friday, 14 September 2018 21:00 Zukor screen (premiere)

Rendező: Stephan PLANK, Reto CADUFF
Stephan Plank was born in Cologne, in 1974. Reto Caduff was born in Switzerland, in 1967.

Reto Caduff:
2010 The Visual Language of Herbert Matter
2009 Charlie Haden - Rambling Boy
2006 Lovebugs: Taiwan Jetlag
2004 Krokus: As long as we live

Milena Fessmann, Stephan Plank
Screenwriter: Reto Caduff, Stephan Plank, Ziska Riemann
Cinematographer: Frank Griebe, Roman Schauerte
Film editor: Maxine Goedicke
Cast: Gianna Nannini, Annette Humpe, Conny Plank