Inconvenient Comfort

Inconvenient Comfort / 2016 / Inconvenient Comfort / 19 :58 min

Inconvenient comfort is about Annabelle who really got attached to her mobility scooter. She’s not aware that she’s bound to this vehicle because of her empty yet comforting life. Throughout a series of events she realizes that she has to make a change to prevent her life from falling apart.

Rendező: Ádám Fillenz
Biography: The Hungarian director was born in Budapest, in 1980.

Friss Levegő,
Pál Adrienn,
Coming Out

Producer: Maarten van der Ven
Screenwriter: Ádám Fillenz
Cinematographer: Ádám Fillenz
Film editor: Wanda Kiss
Cast: Annet Malherbe, Dic van Duin, Jerrell Houtsnee, Ottolien Boeschoten, Jasper Stokman