Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked / 2018 / USA / 105 min

The movie is adapted from a Nick Hornby novel. The figure at the center of all that is Tucker Crowe, a cult rocker of the early ’90s who amassed a devoted cult following and then disappeared, walking out midway through a gig in a Minneapolis club called The Pit, never to return to the stage. Now, his legend looms. He’s like a Jeff Buckley who vanished instead of dying, or a Daniel Johnston minus the mental eccentricities.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 18:30 Zukor screen (premiere)

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 21:00 Zukor screen (repetition)

Director: Jesse PERETZ

1968, Cambridge MA, USA


2018 Juliet, Naked
2011 Our Idiot Brother / A lökött tesó
2006 Fast Track / Csapd le Chipet!
2001 The Château
1997 First Love, Last Rites

Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, Jeffrey Soros, Igor Srubshchik

Tamara Jenkins, Jim Taylor, Evgenia Peretz

Remi Adefarasin

Film editor:
Sabine Hoffman, Robert Nassau

Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne, Chris O’Dowd, Megan Dodds, Jimmy O. Yang, Lily Newmark, Lily Brazier, Johanna Thea, Azhy Robertson