CERDITA / 2018 / SPAIN / 14 min

Sara is an overweight teen who lives in the shadow of a clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her childhood
friend, Claudia, defends her when she is bullied at the local pool in front of an unknown man. Her clothes are stolen and
Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. The long walk home will have an impact on the rest of her life.

Short Features and Experimental Films 2019 (4. block)
Monday, 16 September 2019 19:00 Uránia screen (premiere)

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 22:00 Béke screen (repetition)
The director was born in Spain, in 1975.

2016 Las rubias

Luis Angel Ramírez, Mario Madueño
Screenwriter: Carlota Pereda
Cinematographer: Rita Noriega
Film editor: David Pelegrín
Cast: Laura Galán, PacoHidalgo, Elisabet Casanovas, Sara Barroso, Mireia Vilapuig, Jorge Elorza
Distributor: Madrid enconto