Ray & Liz

Ray & Liz / 2018 / United Kingdom / 108 min

On the outskirts of Birmingham and the margins of society, the Billingham family perform extreme rituals and break social taboos as they muddle through a life decided by factors beyond their control. Based on director and photographer Richard Billingham’s memories, the film focuses on his parents Ray and Liz, their relationship and its impact on Richard and his younger brother Jason as they grow up in a council flat.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 18:15 Pressburger screen (premiere)

Rendező: Richard BILLINGHAM
1970, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2018 Ray & Liz

Jacqui Davies
Screenwriter: Richard Billingham
Cinematographer: Daniel Landin
Film editor: Tracy Granger
Cast: Ella Smith, Justin Salinger, Patrick Romer, Deirdre Kelly, Tony Way, Sam Gittins, Joshua Millard-Lloyd
Distributor: Luxbox