Ultra Low

Ultra Low / 2018 / USA / 117 min

A meta drama that takes an unfiltered look behind the scenes at the struggles of the independent film world. It’s a story of a filmmaking team that's already sacrificed to make several feature films. Upon learning the news that their latest endeavor will not be accepted into any top tier film festival, the team has hit rock bottom. With heavy hearts, they push each other to pick up and move forward on development of their next feature film.

Friday, 14 September 2018 20:30 Pressburger screen (premiere)The screening is followed by Q&A

Rendező: Nicholas GYENEY
1986, Seattle, WA USA

2018 Ultra Low
2016 Beta Test
2013 Matt's Chance
2010 The Penitent Man
2006 The Falling

Nicholas Gyeney, Edi Zanidache
Screenwriter: Nicholas Gyeney
Cinematographer: Tyler Carlson, Aaron Castillo, Sam Lewis, Brent Starheim
Film editor: Jay Somsen
Cast: Lauren Holly, Yuji Okumoto, Nicholas Gyeney
Distributor: Nicholas Gyeney