Tim Ries, the saxophonist of The Rolling Stones participates at the CineFest

2019.09.11. 11:51

One of the characters in the new documentary by the Hungarian HBO ‘How Far the Stars’ is Tim Ries, the legendary saxophonist of The Rolling Stones. The jazz musician participates at the premiere of the film in the CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival.

The main character of How Far the Stars is József Balász, the self-effacing Hungarian pianist. József, has a unique talent for fusing contemporary jazz with traditional Roma music. This new sound catches the attention of the acclaimed saxophonist Tim Ries and the two begin performing together. József dreams of escaping his humdrum life and making it big in the home of jazz: America. Along the way, he conquers his demons and learns that when shooting for the stars, success is not the destination, but the journey itself.

For most, Tim Ries, turning 60 in a couple of days, is known in relation to the long years he has toured with The Rolling Stones. These years inspired his album The Rolling Stones Project, a culmination of jazz arrangements of music by the Stones. The Project even features Rolling Stones members Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood. The success of the album has been followed by a second work: Stones World: The Rolling Stones Project II. Ries has played in Hungary several times as a soloist in the concerts of the Oláh Kálmán Quartett, the East Gipsy Band, the Balázs Elemér Group and the Trio Midnight – to name just a few.

After the premiere of ‘How Far the Stars’ at the CineFest on the 20th of September the audience has a chance to meet the world-famous musician in person. The screening starts at 7 PM in the Zukor room, with a repetition at 4 PM the next day in the same room. The premiere is followed by Q&A with Katalin Bársony (director), József Balázs (leading character, musician) and Anna Závorszky (producer – HBO).