Anyone who has ever heard Tom Hulce – aka Mozart – laughing in Amadeus will never forget it. It is perhaps the most memorable laugh in film history. It’s also the laugh of Miloš Forman, the artist who made American film history as a European – Czechoslovak – émigré and won his second Academy Award for Best Director in 1985 for his brilliant portrayal of Mozart and Salieri. Based on the idea of producer Saul Zaentz, screenwriter Peter Shaffer and Forman built a strong dramaturgical structure, a true cinematic opera worthy of Mozart that works flawlessly for nearly 200 minutes. The shooting took place exactly forty years ago in Prague and other Czech cities, still under communist rule. Winner of a total of eight Oscars, including Best Picture, this masterpiece is an absolute delight on the big screen, with perfect sound. CineClassics audiences can now enjoy the brilliant acting (the Oscar for Best Actor went to F. Murray Abraham, playing Salieri), the unforgettable melodies, the visual world created by Patrizia Von Brandenstein, Karel Černý and Miroslav Ondříček – and then ponder the meaning and mystery of art and the possibilities of redemption. Péter Muszatics, curator of CineClassics, will introduce the screening.

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AMADEUS (CineClassics)