CineFest Social 2023

For 16 years, the CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival has organized the Roma Picture program. The primary aim of this program was to analyze the representation of Roma in film, with a visual anthropological focus. In 2023, the program will open its doors wider and, from now on, will be known as CineFest Social. It will shift its focus to social and cultural situations, the cinematic representation of which has culminated in some exciting, interesting, and conversation-stimulating films in the given year. Our aim continues to be presenting films that are worth talking about and worth watching. With this in mind, this year’s program opens with Gergely Hajnal’s Hungarian Cinema Award-winning film, “Rescuer.” In the film, we meet Attila, who has been convicted 18 times and spent more than 6 years in prison. When he was released for the last time, he decided to give up drugs and crime. Now, the most important question in his life is whether to become a monk or start a family. In the second part of the program, two short films will be presented. Kevin Králl, one of the awardwinning directors of the 2021 Roma Picture, returns to show us the everyday life of a visually impaired man. The second short is “Kissed by the Devil”, directed by Mátyás Derzsi, featuring last year’s CineFest Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Piroska Molnár. The program is supervised by the Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology of the University of Miskolc.

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RESCUER (CineFest Social)
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CineFest Social 2023 (hír)