Alfa és ómega – Lévay Gimnázium

Alfa és ómega - Lévay Gimnázium / 2022 / Hungary / 115 min

"Gates that were once closed, a
building that was symbolically demolished, but God saw it fit to reopen, to rebuild." On August 30 1993, students and their parents, teachers and invited guests gathered in the Reformed Church of the Avas. The congregation had come for a historic event, a festive service, the opening of the school year of the reopened Lévay High School. The next day, two classes of 45 students entered the school to open a new chapter in the history of Reformed education in the city. Reformed education has a long tradition in Miskolc. Three important dates can be mentioned: Around 1560, most of the city’s population converted to Calvinism, so the city's magistrate and the Reformed Church agreed to establish a "school offering greater knowledge and education”. Teaching began in 1560, but was ended by the state in 1948. In 1993 the Reformed Church became the school's maintainer again. In addition to a historical overview, the film shows the journey of Lévay High School over the past 29 years.

Friday, 16 September 2022 19:15
Uránia screen

Kerényi László

Kerényi László

Kerényi László

Film editor:
Kerényi László