Beer & Calippo

Bier & Calippo / 2017 / Austria / 27 :19 min

Summer, an old camper and the feeling of freedom. Jojo wants to join her boyfriend Toni on a tour and her father promised to let her. Everything seems perfect. But unfortunately Jojo is pregnant, her father finds out and Toni has a crush on the drummer girl.

Short Features and Experimental Films 2017 (4. block)
Monday, 11 September 2017 19:30 Uránia screen (premiere)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 22:00 Zukor screen (repetition)
Rendező: Paul Ploberger
The Austrian director was born in Pasching, in 1986.

EISPRUNG MIT PAPA (2013, 8min)
ABGEBRANNT (2013, 6min)
ICH HAB AUCH MIT SONJA (2012, 20min)

Catrin Freundlinger
Screenwriter: Paul Ploberger
Cinematographer: Patrick Wally
Film editor: Barbara Seidler
Cast: Maresi Riegner (as Jojo), Roland Düringer (as dad), Xaver Stockinger (as „Schnitzel” aka boyfriend)
Distributor: Catrin Freundlinger