Carrot field

Marchewkowe pole / 2016 / Poland / 16 min

Last weeks of the cold winter. A drab and desolated province. 7-year-old boy, left without proper care, is looking for a companion to play. Despised and ridiculed by his peers, he decides to build a snowman for company.

Short Features and Experimental Films 2017 (1. block)
Friday, 8 September 2017 21:00 Uránia screen (premiere)

Saturday, 9 September 2017 22:00 Zukor screen (repetition)
Rendező: Kacper Zamarło
The Polish director was born in 1986.

Blow (2007)
Triangle (2008)
Some Very Unusual Evening (2009)
Casting (2011)

Studio Filmowe XANF Radosław Chrobot
Screenwriter: Kacper Zamarło
Cinematographer: Kacper Zamarło
Film editor: Kacper Zamarło
Distributor: KFF Sales & Promotion (festival distribution)