Ederlezi Rising

Ederlezi Rising / 2018 / Serbia / 85 min

The film is set in a socialist dystopian future. Milutin is an astronaut sent on a long space flight to Alpha Centauri to deliver an ideology to the colony there. However, on this flight he will be accompanied by a female android, Nimani. The film explores the essence of love and emotion between Milutin and his cyborg companion. A visual, breath-taking analogy on the essence of human emotion against the complex new relationship between man and machine.

Thursday, 20 September 2018 18:15 Pressburger screen (premiere)The screening is followed by Q&A

Rendező: Lazar BODROŽA
1983, Belgrade, Serbia

2018 Ederlezi Rising / Ederlezi ébredése

Aleksandar Protić, Jonathan English
Screenwriter: Dimitrije Vojnov
Cinematographer: Kosta Glušica
Film editor: Milena Z. Petrović
Cast: Stoya, Sebastian Cavazza, Maruša Majer
Distributor: Mir Media Group