The 8-Year Engagement

Hachi-nen goshi no hanayome / 2017 / Japán / 119 min

Japanese audiences traditionally love a good cry and nothing supplies one like a young protagonist dying lingeringly and romantically. That would seem to be the case with The 8-year Engagement, Zeze Takahisa’s drama about a young woman who falls ill with a rare form of brain inflammation and lapses into coma just three months before her planned wedding. It’s based on a real-life case that became a YouTube sensation and then a best-selling novel.

Friday, 21 September 2018 19:00 Pressburger screen (premiere)

Saturday, 22 September 2018 21:00 Uránia screen (repetition)

Takahisa ZEZE

1960, Tochigi, Japan


2017 Hachi-nen goshi no hanayome / The 8-Year Engagement / Nyolc év jegyesség
2017 Saitei. / The Lowlife
2016 Rokuyon: Kôhen / 64: Part II
2016 Rokuyon: Zenpen / 64: Part I
2011 Antoki no inochi / Life Back Then

Daisuke Fukushima, Shinya Watanabe

Yoshikazu Okada

Koichi Saito

Film editor:
Ryo Hayano

Takeru Satoh, Tao Tsuchiya

Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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