Polish film screening and Q&A

2022. September 11. Sunday 14:33
The film The Pauper and the Madame will be screened free of charge on 12 September at 17:00 in the Béke screening room, with the support of the Polish Institute. After the screening, a discussion will be held by Péter Muszatics with the director, Witold Ludwig.

The film The Pauper and the Madame  depicts the unique fate of Adam Chmielowski, an artist-painter who, in search of freedom and happiness, sacrifices everything. His rebellious nature make him not only escape from the tsarist regime, but in peak of fame, he abandons the world of art to “die for the world” and devote himself to serving people. His tragic fate is completed by a spiritual breakdown, expulsion from the Jesuit order, and confinement in a mental institution. Soon, however, he rises like a phoenix from the ashes and returns as Brother Albert – the future saint.

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