2018. September 16. Sunday 14:44
The crux of success in cinema is a good story. Great books, interesting stories that have already proven themselves in front of readers tend to find their directors easily and end up being adapted to film. The (Script)writing program at the Jameson CineFest looks into the process of creation: from turning a book into script, filming the scenes and, finally, bringing the words alive in the screen.

Do authors write differently when writing books and scripts? Are books or films better? Does a film have the power to make somebody read the book?

We search for the answers on 16 September (Sunday) at 7 pm. The program starts with screening the modern-classics ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ after which Csaba Tóth, deputy editor in chief of VOX magazine and Virág Zomborácz, screenwriter talk about the issues raised above.

The partner of the program is the Libri-Bookline. They participate at the Festival with their Bookline Bus, a bus that has been created to popularize reading in the framework of the project “One book: One cup of coffee”. The Bookline Bus is an analogy of foodtrucks. It’s a “booktruck” that is both a bookstore and a public venue where readers can meet and talk about their last readings or share their thoughts on the latest hits. The caffeine is an integral part of the “One book: One cup of coffee” program. Therefore the baristas of Vespresso, the best mobile café in Hungary, are there to brew a cup of absolute perfection for the customers. This time the bus offers a selection of books that have been adapted to the screen.