Saturday, 15 September 2018 15:30 Béke screen

„It is not enough to be Hungarian, you have to be talented as well” – they say it was written on the wall of a Hungarian producer in Hollywood. Péter Muszatics’ book on Central European filmmakers “Bécs, Budapest, Hollywood (Kossuth Kiadó, 2018) takes us to a world of fantastic careers. The elite of the film industry from Erich von Stroheim to Billy Wilder, from Ferenc Molnár to Wes Anderson, from Ernst Lubitsch to Quentin Tarantino appear in the book and we might even learn the key of success, of human touch, of effective storytelling that have been brought to Hollywood by talented Central Europeans. The discussion with the author and György Ráduly, the head of the Hungarian National Film Archive is moderated by László Kolozsi. The book can be purchased at a discounted price at the venue.

Muszatics Péter: Bécs, Budapest, Hollywood book release

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