Day 5 (18 September)

2018. September 18. Tuesday 09:18
On the fifth day of the festival we can watch a truly crushing story about the terrorist attack in the island of Utøya. A workshop on action movies and a Nick Hornby adaptation are also part of the program.

At 2 pm the Béke room hosts the Action Power: Stunt & VFX workshop which is opened to the public. In the workshop a former stuntman, an action movie director, an actor, a cameraman and VFX professional talk about the shooting of action scenes, the challenges and difficulties of their work and about the special effects.

At 4 pm in the Pressburger room the New Zealander film from the competition program takes us to a cold and remote landscape. Two strangers struggle to repair their broken pasts. A young man is on parole after serving time for attempting to murder the man who killed his girlfriend in a hit and run. A woman is released from a psychiatric facility far from her homeland. These two damaged strangers cross paths in the mountains in winter.

At 4 pm in the Zukor room we get the second repetition of ‘Leave No Trace’ that has been a great success in Cannes this year. Tom (15) lives with her father in the woods on the edge of Portland. Voluntary isolation from “normal society” allows them to create a reality of simple joys untainted by civilization. But one day the surrounding world rears its ugly head, and confrontation is unavoidable. Debra Granik, creator of the acclaimed Winter’s Bone, presents a picture of alternative living that might seem radical but that offers a thought-provoking gloss on Western lifestyles and values.

At 5 pm in the Uránia a grand and well-known piece by Wong Kar-wai starts. ‘The Grandmaster’ is screened as part of the Hong Kong Film Days program. The film is related to the workshop on action movies and visual effects.

At 5 pm in the Béke room the “Our home – Miskolc” program returns with two films. The aim of the program is to bring the work of local artists into focus. Every year the organizers of the program are out there to look for new or established talents, for stories from Miskolc and Borsod. This year the program offers real gems. The Miskolc local, Zsóka Lacza had a dream: since her childhood she wanted to go to Africa and help people there. The documentary, ‘Pearl of Hope’ is about her time in an orphanage in Uganda. At 6 we continue with the film ‘Misa – Concert in Ukraine’ by László Kerényi is about Vihula Mihajlo’s Ukrainian concert. The guitar player, composer, music teacher moved to Miskolc in 2005. He did not go alone to the concert, the Cantus Agriensis, led by Péter Pél Gergely conductor,and the Cardinal Mindszenty choirs joined him on the tour. Vihula Mihajlo had a guitar concert, while the choirs played tribute to an unfairly forgotten Hungarian composer from Kárpátalja, István Márton.

At 6:15 in the Pressburger room the Slovenian feature is screened. In ‘Consequences’ the 18-year-old Andrej is sent to a youth detention center due to problematic behavior. There he meets Željko, the informal leader of the detainees. Upon discovering Andrej’s secret, Željko soon begins to take advantage of him: Andrej’s sense of responsibility and moral integrity are put on trial. Ultimately, he must choose between Željko and his reckless lifestyle and staying true to himself. Darko Štante director, Gasper Markun actor (Niko), Jerca Jerič and Andraž Jerič producers and Sara Gjergek editor accompany the movie and answer the questions after the screening.

At 6:30 pm in the Zukor room a comedy, ‘Juliet, Naked’ starts. The movie is adapted from a Nick Hornby novel. The figure at the center of all that is Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), a cult rocker of the early ’90s who amassed a devoted cult following and then disappeared, walking out midway through a gig in a Minneapolis club called The Pit, never to return to the stage. Now, his legend looms.

From 8 pm the Uránia offers the fifth selection of the short feature competition program with Spanish, Belgian, Brit, Iranian and German films.

At 8 pm in the Béke runs the first part of the CineNewWave program. This competition program is aimed toward young filmmakers either of Hungarian origin or living/studying in Hungary.

At 9 pm in the Pressburger room the Norwegian grandmaster, Erik Poppe’s drama ‘Utøya – July 22’ is screened. The film is a sharp, artistic and impressive example of talking 7 years after the events about an act of terrorism claiming the life of 77 youngsters. In 2011, that many people died in a terrorist attack in Norway. The film begins with the Oslo bombing then it reconstructs the 72 minutes of the Utøya massacre in one long shot. The continuous shot feature is madness, paranoia, emotional sweep, a true shock to the audience. The horror is seen through the eyes of Kaja. When all hell breaks loose, the girl has only two goals: to escape and to find her younger sister.

At 9 pm in the Zukor room the American ‘Searching’ plays. Told almost entirely from a computer screen, David Kim discovers that his daughter, Margot, is missing. As he searches through her web history and interviews people who were supposedly close with her, he begins to learn that his daughter was not as perfect as she seemed.

At 10 pm in the Uránia starts the screening of ‘Burning’. The Korean master Lee Chang Dong’s breathtaking masterpiece is an adaptation of Murakami Haruki’s ‘Barn Burning’. Jong-su, a part-time worker, bumps into the spectacularly beautiful Hae-mi, who used to live in the same neighborhood. Hae-mi asks him to look after her cat while she’s on a trip to Africa. When Hae-mi comes back, she introduces Ben, a mysterious and super rich guy she met in Africa, and there comes a mysterious love triangle. One day, Ben visits Jong-su’s with Hae-mi and confesses his own secret hobby. ‘Burning has premiered in the competition program of Cannes Film Festival and the critics went wild for it.

At 10 pm in the Béke the second selection of the short feature competition program runs for the second – and last – time. Argentinean, French, Columbian, Russian, Canadian, Bosnian and two Spanish films are presented.

At 11 pm, in the Pressburger the ‘Heavy Trip’ offers some pure entertainment after so many dark topics. In this comedy a young man is trying to overcome his fears by leading the most unknown heavy metal band in Finland, Impaled Rektum, to the hottest metal festival of Norway. The journey includes heavy metal, grave robbing, Viking heaven and an armed conflict between Finland and Norway.