MOME Anim presentation and screening

2022.09.07. 15:21

The aim of the presentation is not only to present the university’s training program, where students learn about the genre from the very first moment through the creation of works and practice its various aspects, from applied film to the creation of unique works of art, but also to introduce the community whose members want to use their creative energy and creativity for the benefit of their immediate and wider social environment.

The Animation Department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME Anim) in Budapest is one of the leading creative workshops and intellectual centers of Hungarian animation, which has always been a community of highly talented people – creators, artists, designers, teachers and students. Over the past one and a half decade, the work done here has brought numerous international awards, with films winning prizes all over the world, at the most prestigious festivals from Cannes to Berlin, not to mention the Oscar shortlist.

In this presentation, the BA and MA course leaders will outline the structure of the courses, the credits to be acquired, thematic modules and new directions for specialization.  The students will talk about their experiences in the MOME Anim education workshop and about the relationship between social responsibility and animation in the context of the works commissioned by the NGO “Nem Adom Fel [I won’t give up]”, the National Council for Crime Prevention and We love Budapest.

16 September 2022 (Friday) 17:00
Venue: Miskolc House of Arts, Béke screening room

Speakers and participants:
László Brovinszki László MOME Animation BA Head of Department and Viktória Szabó MOME Animation MA Head of Department, and students of MOME Anim

MOMEAnim BA project films produced in collaboration with the “Nem Adom Fel” Foundation
MOME Anim BA project films for the National Crime Prevention Council.
We love Budapest – MOME Anim BA project films
BEST OF – MOME Anim graduation films