Our home – Miskolc program

2018.09.07. 10:30

The aim of the Our home – Miskolc program is to bring the work of local artists into focus. Every year the organizers of the program are out there to look for new or established talents, for stories from Miskolc and Borsod. This year the program offers real gems, between the 17th to 19th of September in Béke-room.

The film Misa – Concert in Ukraine by László Kerényi is about Vihula Mihajlo’s Ukrainian concert. The guitar player, composer, music teacher moved to Miskolc in 2005. He did not go alone to the concert, the Cantus Agriensis, led by Péter Pél Gergely conductor,and the Cardinal Mindszenty choirs joined him on the tour. Vihula Mihajlo had a guitar concert, while the choirs played tribute to an unfairly forgotten Hungarian composer from Kárpátalja, István Márton.

In 1958 a film club was organized at the University of Miskolc, known as University of Heavy Industry at the time. Its members filmed, developed, edited and sound edited films up to the end of the 1980s. More than 20 years went by and nobody opened the old film boxes. In 2003 the former members of the club got together and Mihály Homoki and Ferenc Keresztúri digitalized the old tapes. We offer a selection from these.

Every year the Jameson CineFest offers a scholarship to one talented student of the University of Miskolc, Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology to realize his/her film project. This year the grantee has been Fanni Potonyecz with her film “Here”. The same session includes another film by a student of the University of Miskolc. The Mexican Mario Menes is a student of the Central Europeans Studies master program. His etude is hommage to Márai.

The Miskolc local, Zsóka Lacza had a dream: since her childhood she wanted to go to Africa and help people there. The documentary, Pearl of Hope is about her time in an orphanage in Uganda.

The Our Home – Miskolc program is run by the Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology at the University of Miskolc.